She Woke In The Night To A Sound… Chapter One

She Woke In The Night To A Sound…… Chapter One

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny Gee

She woke up to the nightlight burning in her room.  Her dog lay beside her sleeping.  Something woke her up, what?

She looked around her room.. all was neat, organized.  There was a gate on her doorway… to keep her dog inside the room.  She didn’t want him to run free, to get hit by a car.  He was so special to her.

She heard the sound again, looked to the source.  In the nightlight she saw something she’d never seen in her life.  On the bucket of water she kept for her dog… were three huge …. rats up on the edge… drinking the water.  Oh my God, she thought.

Her dog didn’t wake up, he’d become used to the huge rats that would come in the night to search for his food, drink his water.

Victoria laid there quietly, a sick sensation in her stomach.  She didn’t want to wake her dog, Garraway, up.  Nor did she want to wake up her parents, brothers.

She’d told her father about the rats that visited her room at nights…. he never did anything about it.  Her mother would become defensive when she mentioned the rats to her.

Victoria had come to live with her parents, they took her in when she had no place to go.  She was so grateful to them, she tried never to complain.  She learned to quit telling them the things she saw in the night.  Her dog, Garraway, seemed to resign himself, also.  They stayed quiet.

She shuddered as she closed her eyes… ‘please Lord, don’t let them touch me or Garraway’ .. she prayed.  She was so thankful to be here, rats and all.  She kept her eyes closed, her hand on her dog, petting him for comfort until her hand slowly lay still… Victoria had fallen asleep.

Victoria had no idea of the things she’d encountered on this new path life had put her on.

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