Possum In The Shower… Rock On The Table

Male Rottweiler, 1½ years old

Possum In The Shower… Rock On The Table

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

This morning I heard the clinking of something against glass… that was strange because Skip was in his bathroom.  This sound was in the living room… I couldn’t imagine ‘what in the world’ it was.

I was sitting at my computer when I heard that sound…. the sound was like something clinking against glass, then… it dropped onto wood.  I got up to investigate, I couldn’t believe my eyes….

Kissy, our Rottweiler was standing at the end table sitting a rock down on it beside the coaster… hence the ‘clinking’ sound!  He put it beside where Skip sits his iced tea when he relaxes in his recliner to watch tv.

I wonder what was Kissy thinking when he did that?  I really wish I knew.  I thought it was sort of like …leaving a gift for Skip.  Skip and I thanked him, praised him for leaving a wonderful rock there as a gift!  Of course, Kissy loved that, ate that special attention up!  He and Chadwick are so precious!

Later, this morning I was in my shower with my eyes closed, enjoying the warmth of the spray when I heard Kissy walk through the door.  I didn’t think anything of it, he always comes in to see what I’m doing.  He’ll move the shower curtain back with his nose to see what’s going on.

I felt something on my foot, opened my eyes to look down… and lo and behold.. there was a possum sitting on it!  Oh… not a ‘real’ possum…. just Kissy Fairchild’s possum!  He carries it around all the time, he and Sweet Chadwick play tug of war with it, one will get it away from the other… then one will chase the the other to get it back.

Kissy walked out of the bathroom once he deposited the raccoon in the shower with me.  Now… that left me wondering ‘why’ for the second time would he be doing these things.  Whatever is that spoiled, rascally-rascal puppy thinking?  :)))

I began to think maybe he wanted me to give his possum a shower so, I proceeded to squeeze shampoo on it.  I got it soapy, rinsed it… squeezed the water out.  I called Kissy to come there, he did… I handed it to him from the shower.  He took it with him as he left the bathroom.  He didn’t come back… so, I must have done a good job!

I told Skip that we’ve had four Rottweilers in our lifetime… each one loved to bring a rock into the pet door from time to time.  I told him that it’s strange … I don’t think ‘Rott’ weilers know how to spell.  They seem to think they are ‘Rock’ weilers… they all love to carry rocks around.  Sometimes… very ‘big’ rocks!  So, besides being a ‘Starbutts’… Kissy is a ‘Rock’ weiler, too!


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