Sweet Banana Pups!

Sweet Banana Pups!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I took a bag from the freezer, opened it to take out frozen pieces of banana.  I love to freeze bananas… did you know you can make ice cream, or a smoothie from them?  I learned that sometime ago, reading on the computer.

There isn’t a certain way you ‘have to do’ when using frozen bananas.  Sometimes, I put the frozen pieces of banana into the blender, add a little crushed ice, and blend.  It makes good banana ice cream… the texture is wonderful… you can add a little cream, or milk to make it creamier.

Sometimes, I put the frozen banana into the blender, put just cream in with it, blend.  It’s so smooth, and creamy.  You can add peanut butter, peanuts, just whatever you like.  I don’t usually add anything.

One can make banana bread later with the bananas that has been frozen.  This is what Skip does.  He can puree it, add his other ingredients to it… bake.

I blended the frozen banana pieces with a little crushed ice, cream (like Half and Half we use for coffee).  The texture was just right.

I walked out on the porch to sit on the cushions that cover the built-in bench at one end.   I was going to sit there and enjoy my banana ice cream.  It taste so good that it’s hard to believe you have a dessert that isn’t chock full of calories.

I sat there enjoying the sunshine, looking off in the distance at the little fish pond.  I was thinking about Lena, whom I had written about this morning.  Today is her birthday.  Lena died last August, 2011.

I ate part of the banana ice cream.  I felt something bump my elbow, looked down.  Kissy, our Rottie, was standing there… he wanted some banana ice cream!  Chadwick walked up (our special mixed pup)… he wanted some, too!

I sat there in the sunshine on those brightly colored pillows, and fed those Pups banana ice cream.  I love watching their ‘baby mouths’ as they each took turns to get their spoonful of banana ice cream.   They closed their eyes when they ate it… how precious!  Life is good!

My heart melted as I watched our Pups enjoy that ice cream… Banana Pups, that’s what they are!  I watch their little-big faces, their expressions of pure trust, innocence… spoilness!  Their little-big baby mouths making sounds like a baby eating… it melts my heart every time!  My heart swells with such love.

Oh, how I love our Banana Pups!  Those sweet banana pups!

13 thoughts on “Sweet Banana Pups!

  1. Bananas here too *smile … never thought that we could freeze bananas … but of course we can for milkshake, smoothies and ice-cream .. and parfait. What a brilliant idea. Pups … is that puppies ??? I’m lost in some of the names – don’t really know who is who here in your world. Will get there … Lovely post.

    • Our Pups are ages 5 years, and almost 2 years old… they’ll be Pups to us no matter how old they are. :)))

      Sweet Chadwick is our special mixed Pup who is 5 years old… Kissy Fairchild is our Rottweiler who is almost 2 years old.

      Skip is my husband, my ‘world’. :))) Tommy is my son … he died May 29, 2010.

      Taban is Tommy’s son, he is 5 years old now. McKenzie is Tommy’s daughter, she is 12 years now. They both have different mothers.

    • You can add anything you want to your ‘ice cream’… you can make it the texture of ice cream… thick and creamy by adding ice, more frozen bananas.

      Some people add strawberries, or peanut butter, peanuts … just what they think they will like. All is put in the blender… you can make ‘ice cream’ or a … smoothie. :))))

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