Mystery Solved…..

Mystery Solved…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I woke up during the night, I looked up to the ceiling.  The room seemed full of light.  I was looking at the moon!  I was seeing the sky!  I was seeing …stars!

I laid there watching until I fell back to sleep.  For years I had this dream… it seemed so real.  The sky was full of stars, and the moon bright.  It always was one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had.  Everything was so real.

I could see my cousins all asleep around me.  I had spent the night with them.  We were all children, we all slept any old way in the big beds.

Through the years I have thought about this dream, how real it was.  I have replayed it back through my mind.

Not so long ago, I was talking to someone who began talking about the sky, about sleeping under the sky at night while the rooms were being built onto the house at my cousins!

I instantly began telling about my dream to them.  They began laughing at me… “why, Gloria, that won’t no dream, that really happened!”  I did stand there with my mouth opened… in amazement.

I began laughing also, and was so happy to have solved a many-years mystery in my mind.  I never could understand ‘why’ that dream was so …real.  Now, I know.

Thank-you for solving something that has puzzled me.  I sure enjoyed talking to you that Saturday when we stopped at a yard sale.  You’ll know who you are when I give this hint…….. “sh-hhhhhhhhhhhhhh, not so loud.”



4 thoughts on “Mystery Solved…..

  1. Ha! Love this! For years I had a “vision” of standing in a house. With black and white flooring in the foyer. For some reason I always envisioned this as the astronaut Neil Armstrong. I have NO idea why. Until this past year I saw a picture of my great aunt and uncle’s house, with the exact flooring. I must have been THERE. 🙂

    • I can understand, Colleen. You must have been there. It’s so interesting when something like this happens. There are so many things such as this I would like to solve the mystery to. Some of the scary ones…. I’m not sure… they had to do with real events.

    • I think it was something the kids might have wanted to do while the new bedrooms were being built onto the house. I can’t remember anymore than seeing the sky… and in my mind remembering it ‘was so real’! I’m thinking it was like camping… they had six kids, and I made an extra one… I’m betting that’s what it was…. I know the floors were there, and walls… the roof wasn’t there ‘that night’, ha!

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