My World Is Split Between The Hospital, Home Tonight… Last Night I Had This Terrible Dream…

English: Checking the blood pressure by using ...

English: Checking the blood pressure by using a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My World Is Split Between The Hospital, Home Tonight… Last Night I Had This Terrible Dream….


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Tonight I have taken alot of sighs of relief… I think Skip is finally going to be alright.  He is in the hospital where he’s been most of the day.


Skip’s blood pressure has been so high, tonight it came down to normal.  So many people sent us prayers through Facebook, emails.


I can’t tell you what knowing those prayers being said…. meant.  I still can’t say in words how special they are.  I watched Skip as I read them to him on my Iphone… I saw his eyes.


His eyes showed me how much it meant knowing that people who didn’t know him, people that knew him… cared.  He really cared that you all cared about him… it meant more than you know.


I know that made all the difference in him getting better tonight.  Thank you everyone from my heart, it means the world to me.  You all brought a smile to Skip’s face.  I know it helped his heart as he was having irregular heart rhythms.


Skip is so amazed that people all over the world read my blog, correspond with me…. and more amazed that they cared about him, not knowing him in person… but, through my blogs.  I’m so proud of that.


I have been so afraid for weeks now… remember how I’ve written alot about death?  Now… I know ‘why’.


Last night I had this terrible dream I want to tell you about….. in my dream this is what happened:


Skip and I sat in a van… it didn’t have a ‘nose’…. you know like where the motor goes.  It was ‘flat’ in front.  We sat in a van parked at a restaurant… the front of the van was about six inches from the brick exterior part of the building.


I said, “Skip, don’t park so close to the building.  People are looking out the window at us now.  Our headlights are shining drawing their attention.”


Skip backed up… pulled back up to the brick wall adjoined to the building… he hit the bricks breaking them into pieces.  I watched the bricks as they began to fall.  I was in shock, I looked at Skip, and saw a blank expression on his face.


“Skip, why did you break the brick wall?  Those people are looking out at us!”  Skip never said a word, he calmly opened the door, stepped out and began to walk away … until I didn’t see him somehow.


I opened my door quickly, ran to find Skip.  I couldn’t find Skip!  I was in tears as I ran around the restaurant… strangely enough there was a path all around… trees were grown almost up to the building.  As I ran on that path, several kittens were startled… they began to run.  I ran around the building……….


All of a sudden I was at a cookout…. a huge cookout.  Lots of people were eating… they were sitting at picnic tables smiling, laughing, talking.  I couldn’t find Skip as I made my way through many happy faces, many picnic tables.


When I woke up, I was afraid.  I turned over to see if Skip was alright.  He wasn’t in bed.  I got up, I could hear his voice talking baby-talk to the Pups in the kitchen… I met him coming through the hall.  “Good morning, Baby Girl ( :))) he always says that!)”


I was so glad to see him… I had woke up from looking for him, I had woke up … afraid.


Skip took his blood pressure and it was almost perfect.  He recorded it for the cardiologist he’d just been to see.  His blood pressure was stabilizing, had been for the past two days.  We were so happy.


Today, he went to the doctor… his blood pressure had went up to 197/111.  I took him straight to the emergency room where they kept him, he’s there tonight.  He had a CT scan, EKG, blood work done, and a X-ray, and when I left late tonight… he was given a new blood pressure medicine.  He may have an MRI, and more tests tomorrow.


When I got home, I called back… his blood pressure had come back down to normal.  I felt tears in my eyes… do you know how thankful I am.  I know all of your prayers made a miracle happen.


Skip has been awfully sick this past week… I think something really bad was ‘just before’ happening, I really do.


Tonight… I did as my cousin Pete told me to do…. ‘take a deep breath’.  Hey Pete, I have taken alot of them out of relief.  I was so afraid… I was so very afraid.  Thank you for caring, too.


Our Pups were glad to see me when I got home.  Our neighbor so kindly waited on his porch to make sure I got into the house safely…. thank-you so much. That meant the world to me… it made Skip feel comfort, ease of mind knowing you were looking out for me.


One of our friends made me promise to call her when I got home safely…. thank you for caring.   I told Skip, and it made him feel good later, when I called back to the hospital.


You both brought comfort to my heart… I think I really needed that.  I was thinking I was all alone… do you know… you both touched my heart deeply.


Well, I am going to bed now…. my world is split between the hospital, home tonight.  I have the Pups here at home…. I so, hope Skip comes home tomorrow… then, my world will be whole again.  I know everything is going to be alright.


It means the very world to have all of you to talk to.  Thank you for being ‘there’.  You just don’t know how much it means to me.


Love, Gloria/Granny Gee :)))


19 thoughts on “My World Is Split Between The Hospital, Home Tonight… Last Night I Had This Terrible Dream…

    • Colleen, thank you so much. I am just before getting ready to go back to the hospital. I have a ‘sunshine’ feeling that everything’s going to be alright. I feel that I can hardly wait to go find out. :))) Gloria

      • Colleen, I was so hoping Skip could come home today but, instead he went through alot more tests, and an MRI. Tonight, he sounded wonderful on the phone while we talked. He is improving!!! That’s sunshiny… and it’s dark outside. :))) GG/G

  1. Gloria, I hope that your world will be as you want it tomorrow. To be on hospital isn’t my idea of fun neither, but hospitals are a blessing when we need to be looked after and cared about.

    • Oh viveka, I know you are so right! I’m so thankful he is there getting so many tests to determine what has happened. Tonight over the phone… he sounds like ‘Skip’ now!!! I am so thankful. In my mind I keep saying ‘Thank God’. Thank you for hoping my world would be as I want it, Viveka. That means so much to me. :)))

  2. Hello Gloria
    I’ve only just got to ‘know’ you and I didn’t know about Skip’s situation but I’m very pleased to hear the good news. I have been in such a situation and sympathise with all my heart.

    I was drawn to your dream. Forgive me if I’m being too familiar here! A very ‘colourful’ way of mirroring – and discharging – your extreme anxiety. But there is much positive imagery there too. The circle of trees is shielding the’ restaurant’. The fire. I am quite certain, from personal experience, that The One works through and in dreams. You have my prayers.

    You are certainly colo(u)rful and I know I am going to enjoy following your blog.


    • Ann, I’m so happy you are wanting to follow my blog… it does mean the world to me. :))) More than you know… I wish the world would follow my blog. If a million were to follow… I would have a million treasured people! I’m really honored by your words. Thank you, Ann. Gloria Oh, you weren’t too familiar… I enjoy talking and being just ourselves. :)))

      • Thanks Gloria. And I’m glad to read that Skip is home with you again. Oh, animals and healing. I posted this video on You Tube a while back, in the hope it would bring some comfort to others.

        The cat is ours and the human is my husband, who had a brain tumour removed 5 years ago.



      • I was so touched by your video, Annisik… words can’t describe how special that was… at least mine can’t… only my heart can ‘feel’ how special.

        Skip is resting comfortably on the couch covered in soft blankets, propped up on pillows. As long as he isn’t in discomfort while he is ‘waiting’ for the kidney stone to pass…. I’m happy. The first sign of discomfort… I will take him right back to the hospital.

        He was in the hospital very ill, and this has happened to him. He is feeling better though this is going on. :))))

      • I’m very pleased Skip is comfortable Gloria. May this episode pass very very quickly.

        Glad you liked the video though I’m sorry I posted the video and not just the link. That I’d managed to do this only registered with me when on a train up to London! My video is benign, but take care about being too open. Some will take advantage! Ann

  3. Hi Gloria,
    I read Colors first and then this post…so glad to know that Skip is doing better. Will say a prayer for you both today. Your post touched me…hang in there and stay strong. And your dream, wow, I hate those dreams that are so life-like you wake up haunted…take care.

    • Hi Jlee, you are so right about those kind of dreams. I was so afraid when I woke up… Skip is getting much better from what he was originally in the hospital for… now, the kidney stone has happened. He is in good spirits while he ‘waits for it to pass’. I would take him right back to that hospital if he began suffering at all. :))) It’s so nice to hear from you. It means the world. I don’t think I had opportunity to say hello…. Hello, Jlee! :)))

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