I Think I Have Turned Into A Rainbow!

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates

Happy Colors!

I Think I Have Just Turned Into A Rainbow!


(Photo/Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… 2012 GBB)…………

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Good morning …  lately it seems I’m more into writing about ‘today’.  That’s because my present life has changed so much in the past two weeks.  My whole world… almost crumbled.

The definition of ‘my whole world’ is simply ….. Skip, our two Pups.  Tommy used to be part of ‘my whole world’… Tommy is gone now… for so long dark colors ruled my world.  Happy colors have come back in my world until… just recently.

That means …my whole world became more precious to me.  I, now know…. that things can happen to take away ‘our whole world’.  Therefore… my whole world has become more precious… than precious.

Yes, I am writing about what is really happening ‘today’ in my life because for now… I can for this time…. ‘feel, see, know’ what has changed in my life.  For now, I can’t go back into the past to find things I want to tell you, to write about.

Life is playing out at the moment… it makes me feel, see, know that I could have lost Skip… my whole world.  At this moment in my life… I have cried again, hurt again, and have been afraid.

Those dark colors have tried to crush all the happy colors in my life… once again.  I don’t know how I would have survived such….

I just felt a cold nose nudge my elbow while I sit here… it brought my mind back from ‘going down the road of ‘I don’t know how I would have survived such’.  That was Chadwick running back inside from the pet door… goodness, his coat feels… cold!

Thank you, Chadwick… now, my mind will think about the happy things.  Skip is getting so much better!  Skip……. could come home today!

My heart just turned into a big sun… emitting such golden, yellow rays…. I hope you can ‘feel’ it…. it feels ‘that big!’

If it possible, I hope ( I wish I were a magical creature, I would make wonderful things happen!)……. if possible, I hope it touches every person that reads my words at this very moment…..  their life in a wonderful way to make good things happen in their life!

I would share my happiness in this way… if possible!  I would keep happiness ‘going’.  Just suppose… happiness could keep spreading that way… by thoughts, feelings inside one’s heart!

Just suppose, that my ‘sunshine heart’ emitting such golden, yellow rays… is doing that… somehow in a magical way.  Then….. then in return…. your magical hearts began spreading such special happiness to all your loved ones, friends!  Wonderful, good things could begin happening!

Last night, this morning… when Skip called me from his hospital bed… Skip’s voice is …. back to being Skip’s strong voice!  You can’t imagine how my heart felt hearing that… wait a minute, I bet you ‘do imagine’ how my heart felt… you all just read my words.  :)))

Colors!  I’m feeling my happy colors again!  I think I just turned into a … rainbow!  Soft, wonderful colors are beginning to come out again. :)))


13 thoughts on “I Think I Have Turned Into A Rainbow!

  1. I so hope Skip is home to you soon, Gloria. The two of you have been through enough. Send him all your happy colours. Lots of love to you my angel.

    • Yaz, Skip is really home… my heart feels like a fireplace with a soft, crackling fire warming the air. I am so at peace in my world at this moment. It means the world to me. Thank you, Yaz. You always say things that are so special, touch my heart. :)))

  2. Yes, it’s wonderful when our worlds have loads of colors – so glad that all the grey is gone for you – and the rainbow is back. Hopefully Skip will be there too soon and lilac will become purple and pink will become red. But Gloria, don’t let them rush him home – until he are well enough. He gets great care and a couple of more days – doesn’t matter of the rest of your life. Love this post.

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