Here, I Cry For Mine…


Here, I Cry For Mine…


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Somewhere, someone is crying over losing someone


Crying, grieving their hearts out in such pain


Here, someone … does the same


My son is gone, he died one day


He fell to the sand, took his last breath


As he looked at the ocean, the sky, his little son


I know someone else’s son has gone away


Maybe someone caused their death


Or they were involved in a crash


It doesn’t matter in the end, a son has died


A mother’s heart is broken, torn apart


By the most deepest of grief, deepest of pain


Her child is gone, the child she brought into the world


The son she always knew would be there for her


Has gone away… gone away forever


He won’t be there on holidays while other sons are


No happy smiles of pleasure when holiday meals are eaten


This mother’s son won’t be there, he’ll never be there again


Grief, honestly sometimes a little anger fill this mother’s heart


This mother doesn’t question ‘why?’, why would she?


She’s not going to get an answer, no one can tell her why


How can I get through the coming holidays


Be strong, everyone says………. can you be so strong, I wonder?


I say it’s easier to tell someone that if you’ve never lost a son


Don’t tell me that, I don’t want to hear it


My existence now, is pure proof that I’ve been strong


Just care quietly, you don’t have to say anything


I can hurt while I’m strong, I won’t go hide from pain


I will meet it head-on, cry if I need to


I’ve known pain all my life, but… I never lost a son before


I’ve lost almost every member of my family, but… never a son


My only child is gone, this is a whole different ballgame


I should have been the one to go first while he lived his life out


He should have lived to be a grandfather, the father he was


Of two precious children, though he was close to but, one


His little son should have grown up to have his daddy


Tommy’s gone, Taban doesn’t have his daddy


My son’s gone, I don’t have a child anymore


Somewhere a mother cries for her child… here, I cry for mine


I miss you, son… Love, Mama




6 thoughts on “Here, I Cry For Mine…

    • Thank you, Viveka. The pain is more than I can ever describe… sometimes I keep writing to try to bring it out into the open… I don’t talk about it to anyone around me…. but, when I write I feel it’s okay because a person chooses to read, to know and has the option to not read my words. I don’t let my emotions affect others if possible… they have enough problems of their own. Here on the internet… when writing… I write about what I know best…. pain, grief that is a part of my everyday life… hidden to people who know me… if they want to know, they can come here to read… I just can’t talk about it in person. 🙂 Gloria :)))) Also, no one will feel the need to feel sorry for me, or think that I want them to. I can listen to other people when they talk, but… I don’t make them listen to me talk… I write. :)))

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