Death Looked For Me, I Ran…

Death Looked For Me, I Ran …


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Oh!  My mind screamed out as I stood there watching in horror.  No!  No!  No!


I watched as the big, red pickup drove across the road I stood on… I was standing in the road looking downhill.  I could hear the motor… I was listening to it.  The motor sounded ‘beautiful’.


I never saw the person that must have been standing there.  I did see the person just as the pickup truck hit them, the body crumpling to the ground.  Oh no, no, no!


At first I thought my eyes were tricking me… I was leaning forward, squinting my eyes to see better.  I saw it move!  It was a person!  A person in a red suit, with white trim (it sort of looked like a… Santa Claus suit!)


I wanted to run down to help him, but… the sound of the pickup truck’s motor attracted my attention.  Oh my God!  They see me!  They are coming for me now!  I ran as hard as I possibly could into the warehouse nearest to me.


I ran as deeply into it as I could… the lighting was poor inside.  That’s the way old warehouses are… I’ve been in a million of them.  Sometimes, they are just dark.


I was feeling my way frantically looking for a door to any kind of a room… a hiding place.  I wanted to use my cellphone to call for help!  I hoped I’d get a signal….


I found a door … I took notice it was a solid, metal door…. thank God!  I quickly went inside the dark room, closed the door quickly, quietly.  I locked the door handle when I felt the button on the knob.  I waited…..  and I waited.  The quietness was deafening!


“Skip, please come to get me… please drive close to the door so,that I can jump into the big truck quickly!”  I had called Skip, told him about the big, red pickup so, he could watch out for it.  I felt the people in the pickup wouldn’t suspect I was traveling in a big rig, a tractor-trailer.


I unlocked the metal door, opened it quietly… stepped out little by little.  I wanted to get to the warehouse door that opened to the outside.  I never heard anyone entering after I ran inside to hide.. I wasn’t taking any chances!


I tiptoed quietly, tried to stay hidden behind the many poles, stacks of pallets, cardboard, jars, boxes.  I saw the door after what must have been ‘forever’… in the near distance.  I heard the recognizable sound of the motor … the tractor-trailer as it stopped outside the door!


Skip is here!  I hurried to the door, opened it to see Skip motioning for me to get in, saying ‘let’s go!’  I ran to the other side, opened the door, climbed up the two steps leading to the inside.  As I got inside I welcomed the warmth of the heater that was going full blast…. Skip began moving the truck, double-clutching each time just after he changed a gear…..


I saw…. the big, red pickup truck up ahead.  I began shaking, my heart was in my throat… I ducked down as I crept to the huge sleeper in the tractor-trailer.  I gently pulled the curtain so, I wouldn’t be seen from the windshield.  I watched……


Skip drove behind the truck … it seemed forever before it finally gave a signal to turn off onto another road to the right.  I sighed a breath of air… relief from holding my breath so long.


I worried about the person in the red suit, hoped that the rescue had gotten there quickly before… the red pickup thought to come back for them.  I knew the person was still alive, I just didn’t know how badly they were hurt.


I had called 911 from the warehouse phone my hands discovered on what felt like a desk in the cold, dark room I hid in earlier.  I told them what I saw, asked them to please call the police to come.  I told them I was so afraid.. the big, red pickup was hunting for me.


Skip asked me did I want to go back.  I looked at him for several moments and said, “please take me away from here, I can’t go back!”  I didn’t want the people in the big, red pickup to know ‘who’ I was.  I was too afraid.


We drove onto the interstate in that big rig…. I had buckled myself in.  I laid my head against the back of my seat, tears fell from my eyes, I kept taking soft breaths to relax myself.  I was coming down from the ‘fight or flight’ mode I’d been in.  I wrapped my arms around myself as my body began to tremble….


I held onto myself tightly, my eyes closed, as my hands kept rubbing the outside of my upper arms.  I had come close to death this night…  something touched my life that I had no control over.


This was something I had been talking about to Skip not long ago…. how ‘other people could touch one’s life when you mind your own business, take care of your own life… no matter if you stayed to yourself’.


I woke up… so glad to be in my bed… I looked around me to see Skip sleeping peacefully, Kissy and Chadwick were snuggled to him.  I lay alone on my side…. my covers half off me.  No wonder I was cold, trembling… no covers on me, we keep the heat very low at night.


I wished for the Pups to come lay on my feet to warm me, now!  :)))  I smiled as I arranged my bedcovers back over me, I laid my head gently on my pillow… snuggled up to my soft blankets and… went back to sleep.  I’m so glad this was a… dream!







7 thoughts on “Death Looked For Me, I Ran…

  1. Maybe it was Santa looking for more staff. To dream about death means that you will be having success with most that that you take on. Glad it was only a dream.

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