I Couldn’t See Pain In My Reflection Today In The Glass Doors…


I Couldn’t See Pain In My Reflection Today In The Glass Doors…


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Skip and I were walking up steps today, when my attention was caught by the reflection of us in the glass doors ahead.  I watched us as we continued to walk toward them.


It came to me something so amazing… I’d never thought about it before.  I was thinking as we talked, laughed, about the terrible pain in my body that I live with constantly.  Each step I took up those steps hurt badly… but, in the reflection of me…. I couldn’t see it!


I was thinking about how one can laugh, talk and no one ever see the pain, agony we are in.  When we look at each other we don’t see what’s inside the other… it’s like our reflection in the glass today.  Our reflection, how we appeared in it… looked so happy, so normal.


It’s the same with one being filled with grief… one never sees ‘how full’ I am of grief… like a full glass of water.  I couldn’t see it in the reflection just as I couldn’t see the pain.


I’m glad my reflection seemed normal… no one needs to know about the pain.  It’s my burden I alone, have to bear.  It’s a part of the rest of my life.  It’s like the grief I carry inside… it’s there for the rest of my life… but, no one has to see it, hear it, know about it in everyday life.


If one reads it here, it’s because ‘they want to’… I didn’t force them to.  In everyday life I won’t talk about it… I’m going to laugh, talk as much as possible.  :)))  I’m going to try to present myself as that person I saw today… I couldn’t see the pain in my reflection today in the glass doors.

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