In Memory Of Grandma Alma…


Made by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee… 2011… ‘I Love You’ heart….

In Memory Of Grandma Alma…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She sat there looking off

Not seeing anything

Her mind was within

On her life, her world

She yawned big, closing her eyes

Felt the tears run down her cheeks

By God, I’m bored

She thought

Bored to tears… unmotivated

She wanted to do things

She wasn’t inspired by anything

It’s a sin to be this way

To waste all God has given you

She thought..

It’s a shame not to get up, do something

Move, talk, do things, to show appreciation

She sat there, yawned again

Tomorrow, there’s always ..tomorrow

I’m too tired, sleepy

To do anything… today

She yawned big, again

Laid her head on the back of her chair

She fell asleep

She did do something… she dreamt

That she could walk again

Just move again, do things again

She was paralyzed now

She dreamt in appreciation of life

She woke up when she heard a voice

I love you, Grandma

She smiled her beautiful smile

At the little girl standing near her chair

The little girl looked at her

Never knowing Grandma was different

That Grandma couldn’t walk, do things again

She knew Grandma could love… smile at her

Her Grandma was the best

She would fight for her

Her ammunition being a glass of ice water

Thrown at anyone who dared to hurt her

Grandma would hug her when no one liked her

Talk to her when no one else would

Grandma was always there

Sitting in that old, upholstered chair

Grandma was a fighter

Though sometimes, she cried

The little girl saw it all

Because no one thinks to hide ‘all’ from a little girl

The little girl is a big girl now

She still thinks of her Grandma… Grandma Alma

Sometimes, she gets tears in her eyes

She misses her Grandma Alma, after all these years

Rest in peace, Grandma Alma

God knows you never had peace in your life

I wish you love from my heart

To you in Heaven where I know you’ve gone

Love Your Granddaughter, ‘Faye’






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