I’ve Never Seen Such In My Life…

English: Pictogram: use of cellphones is prohi...

English: Pictogram: use of cellphones is prohibited Deutsch: Piktogramm: Verbot von Mobiltelefonen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve Never Seen Such In My Life……

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

We went to the parade in Henderson, NC this past weekend. I will have to say it was quite different from the parades we go to in Raleigh every year.

It seems we are in a ‘parade-going’ mood this year. I think most everyone was very tired by the time they got to where we sat… they seemed to be dragging.

We did see the most unusual things in the parade. I’ve never seen it in a parade before… in my life. I hope it won’t become a trend in the future… or I will opt to stay home.

Pretty girls marching, band members playing their instruments… some were trying to summon up the energy to dance….

I saw a girl with her head tucked to her shoulder, I wondered why she was doing that. I looked close to see… and do you know what she was doing? I couldn’t believe it….

She had a cellphone tucked/sandwiched between her chin and her shoulder and…. marching down the street. I was so…. that done it…. I was so……

Not long after that… I began to notice people all through the parade… were texting as they marched. I was so…. that done it! I was so……..

I couldn’t believe the young people couldn’t march in a parade for a short time without having their cellphones talking, or texting. If I see that again… this one person will hang up the Christmas parades…. who ever heard of people who are in the public to represent something… texting, talking on cellphones?

Maybe I’m missing something…. have parades gotten that way, and am I behind in times? I don’t think so…. if I am then, I need to be told gently… so, that I can ‘update’ myself.

Ummmm…. texting, talking on cellphones in a parade……………………. ‘what has the world come to?’ :))))))))))) Maybe… I’m for-real behind in times.

9 thoughts on “I’ve Never Seen Such In My Life…

  1. I share your thoughts my friend. Cellphones have become an obscession for a lot of people and invaded their lives. To prove my point, one just have to go to a mall, restaurant, park and see what people do. Worse ones, texting and calling with their hands while driving. Should the hands be holding the steering wheel? Happy Holidays my friend.

  2. Try having Asian taxi drivers talking to their families on their mobile phones while driving!!!

    I always pray nothing happens – in an emergency anything could happen!!! 😦

    Love and hugs!


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