‘That’s My Story … I’m Sticking To It’

 ‘That’s My Story… I’m Sticking To It’

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee …December 06, 2012

I stood out on the porch this morning before daylight listening. I could hear dogs in the distance barking. The sound of their barking made me wonder ‘why’ they were barking so… ferociously.

Did they see a deer close by, or a person? Were the dogs in a fence, or running free? The barking stayed in one area, I assumed they were in their fence, like our Pups always are (our Pups go in and out when they want to, they are house Pups :))).

Did I hear a scream? Was it a person the dogs were barking at? Someone who shouldn’t be there in their territory? Someone the dogs would defend their territory against?

The man was furtive in his movements, never realizing he was being watched. He knew what he wanted, that was to break into the house to rob it. He also, knew the woman was living there alone… he would have her, too.

He slipped up to the fenced-in yard, swung himself over the fence… stood there for a moment. The next thing he knew was … pure pain, confusion, shock. He was being attacked, he couldn’t see what was attacking him.

He felt his flesh being ripped, he screamed. Lights came on around him, he heard a woman’s voice speak out… he saw what was attacking him. Two Rottweilers… two huge Rottweilers who went running to their master, sat down on either side of her. He was looking into a gun held in her small hand.

As she stood there, she was speaking into her cellphone. He wanted to get back across the fence… the line he should have never crossed. He made a movement… freezing when he heard her icy voice telling him not to move, or she’d shoot.

He turned around to measure her up, deciding whether to call her bluff. He saw her eyes, knew he would surely die if he decided to run. The little woman meant he’d better not move again. He waited…..

Did you realize that when we hear sounds we don’t see… our minds begin making up stories? The beginning of a story above was something that instantly went through my mind as I listened to the dogs barking in the distance.

I heard sirens as they passed by… I felt something terrible must have happened. The dogs were quiet now, in the distance. I stood there on my porch listening closely. I couldn’t hear anything now…..

The deputy sheriff’s car drove up to the woman’s fence, stopped at the gate. Both men got out, sizing up the situation. In front of them was a small, attractive woman standing on her porch… two big Rottweilers sat beside her, one on each side. In her hands was a pistol pointed at….

They looked at the man… he was a big man, not bad looking if you were a woman looking at him. He looked to be about something… so, why was he here? They could see blood on his shirt, pants.

They arrested the man, the little woman walked up to him as he stood there in cuffs. She looked up into his eyes, motioned for him to put his head down to hear her… when his face was within close range… she slapped the hell out of him. She turned, walked off….. into the ‘sun-rise’….. :O)))

This is my story that my mind made up… and ‘I’m sticking to it’…………. :)))





17 thoughts on “‘That’s My Story … I’m Sticking To It’

  1. Oh if ONLY!!! LoL!!!

    For decades the most we were allowed to do if we had an intruder in our homes was to ask them to leave – now people are cleared to use ‘reasonable force’ and even shoot the bastards!!! LoL!!!

    Love and hugs!


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