I Heard My Stomach Say … Hello

Stomach diagram in Inkscape.

Stomach diagram in Inkscape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I Heard My Stomach Say … Hello

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I sat here writing this morning when I heard a voice say ‘hello’… actually when I heard it, I ‘felt’ my stomach say hello. Oh yes, I did!

This is the first time I’ve ever had my body say ‘hello’ to me. Isn’t it a miracle, isn’t it… special?!!!

Now… when I’m alone… and want someone to talk to me… my stomach will. I know you are sitting there ‘like is she crazy or something?’

No, I’m not crazy… but, I do have a wild imagination, a colorful imagination. I’m trying to unlock the many doors to it. It’s hard to do so, I might add. There’s some ‘good stuff in there’… if I can just get to it. :)))

I used to be funny, witty, a clown… somewhere over time… well, the past two years, I lost that side of me. For the first time since Tommy’s been gone, I feel myself wanting to be fun-loving again. I want to joke, laugh again.

So, when the voice from my stomach said ‘hello’… I knew my imagination was trying to get in touch with me. Let’s have some fun, it’s telling me. Let’s laugh, be silly like you used to be…. not stupid, but… silly, funny.

Now… I’ve got to find all the keys to those many doors to being silly, funny, happy. It’s time because a voice in my stomach said ‘hello’ to me… I know it was my imagination… but, why…. speak to me from my stomach?

I’m not hungry… but, yes.. maybe I am for laughter, joking. I feel it coming on sometimes… get gone as quickly as it comes.

I don’t know where the keys went, but… as time goes by … and you laugh at something I say… you’ll know I found one of the keys to a door that opens to silliness, fun, humor.

I hope I find a key soon! I want to open up doors to wonderful colors, bright sunshine. Can you imagine running to this door, that door…. opening them quickly, and colored lights of all happy colors come spilling out over you…. like paints of all colors… only….the colors of lights won’t get on you! :)))

Happy colors of all kinds… peace of mind… light-hearted humor… happiness… special, bright thoughts… sunshine… blue sky… yellow buttercups… dragonflies… butterflies… rainbows with soft, special colors… special words that instantly lift one’s heart reading them. Did you feel it?

Now… this is what I thought when my stomach said ‘hello’…. yes, I heard it say that just as plain as if…. you said ‘hello’ to me! Yes, I did! :)))

“Imagination, how are you doing? I’ve missed you so much! You… color my world with happy colors! Welcome back!” I knew you were back when I heard my stomach… say ‘hello’……… :)))




6 thoughts on “I Heard My Stomach Say … Hello

  1. so happy to hear that you are listening to your body and it is still speaking to you. two years is a long time but our body is willing to wait. our mind? now that is a different subject. we must exercise it and stretch it. too many adults have forgotten how to play. we need to play as much as we did as a child. most of us anyway, i was born the typical “stoic” natiive american. an adult at the time of my birth. i have always had a sense of wonder and excitement well hidden but there. i am take it out on special occassions:) keep listening and hope you will continue to share with those of us listening.

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