Light In A Bottle…


December 2012 IPhone 101

‘LIGHT IN A BOTTLE’ Lamp made for Skip and I by a special friend…. I named it this as soon as I plugged it in…. it instantly comforted me…. I treasure this lamp. Thank you, Cindy.


Light In A Bottle…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee


We were given a special Christmas present

That instantly brought such unexpected comfort

To this grieving heart of mine

I instantly named it Light In A Bottle

This special light will help to chase the darkness away

Where it’s needed to warm my soul, light up my path

I can’t believe the comfort it brought to me

This evening when I first turned it on

I know now, this light will be turned on often

I can sit, look at it all I want to

Touch the glowing stones

Let the light fill me up inside

This little light has been captured

Inside this bottle for us when we need it

Comfort from light in a bottle

Thank you, dear friend

You don’t know how much this means

To have this bottle with the light inside

Light, wonderful light

That glows, and glows

To warm my heart, to warm my soul

All I have to do is to plug it in

At any time I feel I need it

To shine the light to warm my soul, light my way

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