The Test That Could Save Your Life…

 The Test That Could Save Your Life …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


We hurried to get ready for the appointment this morning. I didn’t want anything to stop us this time. Last time, when we got there… he went through the needles, pain… only at the last minute before being put to sleep… all was stopped.

The nurse saw something on the monitor to disturb her. She told them that she didn’t feel comfortable with him being put to sleep. He was going to have to go to the cardiologist before they could carry out the procedure at another time.

Thank-goodness for that nurse from Duke Hospital. The doctor agreed with her, saying that he could suffer a stroke, or ‘worse’…

Several days later, he did suffer a mild stroke, he did end up in the hospital, he almost………. he was in really bad shape. His wife was so, afraid…. of losing him. He and her Pups are all she has in this big, old world.

He made it, he got better over time. She re-scheduled this appointment again. Oh my… it went smoothly from the time they arrived. The procedure was carried out in a short time, soon Skip was waking up in the recovery area.

I walked to his bed where he laid smiling. He asked me was it already over? It was so fast!

There were some ’embarrassing, comical’ moments, but… like the nurse said, “this is the most socially acceptable place to come to … pass gas!”

She said it was ‘music to their ears’ when that happened… because air is pumped into one’s colon… it has to come out. One has to ‘let the air come out’… before they can leave. It’s all part of the procedure.

Skip finally had his long over-due colonoscopy… finally. Skip has had colon cancer in the past. He’s very lucky to be here. We waited for the doctor to come in to speak with us to find out the results…

The doctor walked in smiling, saying “I found two, small baby polyps… they’ll never grow to be adult polyps, because I got them! I’ll see you in three years.

I can’t tell you the relief I felt inside. Skip and I looked at each other, smiled. We both have worried…

I hope everyone will get a colonoscopy. We hear some people say they’ll never get them because they would feel ‘violated, too ashamed.’ I would say to them… please change your mind.

I was there with Skip all through his surgery, treatments when he was diagnosed with colon cancer… if he’d had a colonoscopy in time… he could have prevented having colon cancer. Skip was very lucky.

When going for a colonoscopy, you are made comfortable. One doesn’t have to worry about being embarrassed. It doesn’t do anything to your ‘manhood’… or ‘womanhood’… it can save your life… keep you around for the very ones who love, need you. Oh… the actual procedure last about thirty minutes.

Skip said that a colonoscopy can really save your life… any polyps can be removed that could cause cancer, and it is painless, you are sedated. When you come to, you are back in the recovery room, and haven’t felt a thing.

Skip said the worse part of getting a colonoscopy is the day prior to going for the procedure… is prepping for it. That involves fasting that day, drinking the solution… then, thirty-two ounces of water. You can guess what happens next… you ‘do have to run’ a whole lot… to the bathroom!

The following morning, you have to repeat drinking the solution, then, thirty-two ounces of water… run for the bathroom again for a while. This is the ‘worst’ part of the whole thing…. oh, Skip said he was waiting to ‘eat something’ afterwards, too!


9 thoughts on “The Test That Could Save Your Life…

  1. Very happy to read that Skip is okay. And also to congratulate you on presenting the colonoscopy procedure; I’m sure that this will help anyone who needs it but is hesitating.


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