I’m Not An … Angel

Skip (Endoscopy), Pups, Angels, Artwork by Gloria December 2012 017(Photo by Gloria… Angel we got for Jimmy (my cousin) when he was very ill)

I’m Not An … Angel

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She was shuffling along slowly

I knew each step was filled with pain

She mumbled to herself

As she shuffled along

I watched to see if she was alone

She was a stranger, yet I worried for her

I was there, she didn’t know I was

I was ready to help if she needed me

The elderly lady shuffled by me

As I sat at the table, she looked at me

Our eyes met, I smiled softly at her

Her lips began to widen into a smile for me

The feeling of happiness came over me

A warmth filled my heart

All from an elderly woman

As she shuffled past my world … in her world

Our worlds didn’t connect

There was no need for me

I was there, my purpose was a smile

I was rewarded with a smile back

Maybe her purpose there

Was a smile, and she was rewarded

When she smiled at me

Either way, our moment meeting was special

We only connected in a spiritual way

No words were needed

Only our eyes met, our lips smiled

To cause such a beautiful emotion inside

As she shuffled past, I looked at her back

I thought to myself

That could be me some day

I would hope someone would smile, watch for me, too

I said a prayer for her in my mind

I imagined a golden circle of protection around her

To follow her wherever she may go

To keep her safe from harm, protect her always

Imagine if each person did this to every person they saw

Someone would always have the back of the other

We’d all be watching over, protecting the other

Without words, without letting the other know

We’d never be afraid to walk anywhere

Ever again, we’d know we were safe

We would not have to guard our backs

Everyone we passed we could trust with our lives to

On our way, we’d do the same

Watch over, protect everyone we see

Strangers, loved ones alike

Without a word, just be there.. like an angel

I wish I was an living angel

Have the power to save the world

Heal the sick, keep everyone from harm

I would do it all with a smile… as I passed your world, their world…

Alas, I’m not an angel, nor pretend to be

I’m just a human just like you are

My world passes your world on my way

To live my life… just as you do yours

I would jump in to help you if I saw you stumble

I would help you up if you fell

I would hold your hand if you cried

I would care for you, even if you are a stranger

I would cry, have cried for many of you

When something sad, bad has touched your life

My heart feels everything, it’s so big

It’s known such pain in its time

You are not alone, I am here

I can care for you with my heart

Watch your back, be ready to catch you

If you should fall… I’m not an angel, I just … care

9 thoughts on “I’m Not An … Angel

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart, soul, and mind with the world…Small acts of kindness indeed accumulate — and participation is free! And what a wonderful world it could/can be… xo

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