Lonely Christmas Presents, And A Hedge Hog, Too




Tommy and Gloria, Lonely HedgeHog and Presents 019

These Christmas Presents 2012 will always be here to one day give to a ‘big boy’ if need be… 


Lonely Christmas Presents, And A Hedge Hog, Too…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

A huge hedgehog sat there with the softest of smiles, waiting.  Beside it, sat four Christmas presents all wrapped in Santa Claus paper, with a bow on top.  They sat there … waiting for a little boy named …

If you looked closer inside the house, you would see a lady sitting there … waiting, keeping her cellphone in her bra, close to her heart so, she wouldn’t dare miss a call ….  She sits quietly, her thoughts floating all around her… like stars around the moon at night.  Will her cellphone ring?

If you looked into her eyes, they would be red… you would see deep inside that she wants to … weep.  Weep why?  Why would she want to weep? 

She has everything to be thankful for … she has her husband that almost died in November.  She has her Pups, who no matter how she feels… they are always there to give her kisses, to reach out with a comforting paw, to look into her eyes with lots of love.

Look just a little farther inside the house… there, you’ll find a man sitting in his recliner, Pups around him.  One is propped up on the side of his chair, one lying on his feet.  Chadwick, Kissy… they all are waiting because … they sense Granny Gee is waiting.

Pa Skip is worried about Granny Gee… she is aware that he worries.  She doesn’t cry in front of him, she doesn’t want him to be upset.  Yet… at times, she breaks down crying, or becomes very frustrated from grief inside her… her son is gone.  He won’t be home for Christmas… so, now… she is waiting, hoping….

That a little, precious boy will call.  Granny Gee has been waiting since the 21st of December for such a call.  Today is Christmas Day… still Christmas Day lasts until … midnight. 

On December 04th… she was sent photos by phone of a precious, little boy who had just lost his first tooth.   Lots of happy photos came flying into her cellphone… each making a wonderful sound as they arrived.

School got out on the 21st of December, he would be free for some time.  Granny Gee might get to spend a few hours with him, she’d wait until she was called to let her know when. 

Granny Gee isn’t the sort of person who pries, imposes on other’s lives.  She doesn’t do it now.  She sits, waits…. her thoughts floating around her like the stars float around the moon.

The lonely Christmas presents, and a hedge hog wait, too.  Wait for a little, precious boy to make them come alive, smile, be glad to have him play with them.  They wait for him to laugh, squeal, twinkle his eyes out of joy at the pleasure they can bring him.

She waited, Pa Skip waited, the Pups waited… the lonely Christmas presents, and a … hedge hog waited, too.

Christmas Day 2012 … is gone now.

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