New Photos Of My Mother, Grandma Alma, and George… And A Glimpse Of Hell

I have put new photos on my primary blog …  I hope when you visit my primary blog you might join, be my followers there.  It would mean the world to me if you would. 


I spend my time both there, and here… when I write.  I put most of my photos there.  Where I live, it’s in an area hard to get internet… so, it’s very expensive here when one does a lot of downloading/uploading… this is why I don’t put them here as much as I’d like. 


There are 4 photos on the upper left hand side at the top of my primary ‘happycolors’ blog.  The photos are of my most loved ones as a child… my beautiful mother, my Grandma Alma, and George… the only grandfather I ever knew.  George was the kindest man I ever knew …Skip is the second kindest man I’ve ever known in my life.


You can also, get a glimpse of Hell in the photo surrounding George as he stands there at the stove cooking.  He was blind, yet he cooked.  My Grandma Alma was  paralyzed. 


This evening is the first evening I’ve looked at these photos in year… looking into Hell makes my stomach feel funny, it feels sick.  I feel a shakiness inside from it. 


My Grandma Alma and George were angels condemned to Hell on earth… they couldn’t go anywhere because of their disabilities… they were at the mercy of the world.  Now, when I write about them, you will have a picture to go along with my stories in your mind. 


Goodnight everyone.  Love, Granny Gee/Gloria :)))


6 thoughts on “New Photos Of My Mother, Grandma Alma, and George… And A Glimpse Of Hell

  1. I have blind friends who are also self-sufficient and they do very well, which always impresses me!

    Anyone with a physical disability impresses me to be honest! 🙂

    I’m off to peek at your photos in a moment – sorry you have such a negative reaction to the memory: There’s black musician I remember (buggered if I could remember his name! My memory!!! Sheesh!!! RAY CHARLES!!!) who was blind and used to cook his own food and enjoyed pan fried chicken!!! 😛

    Love and hugs!


    • That’s the way George did! He cooked whole suppers for all the little children, and my Grandma Alma. As a child I didn’t know I was witnessing something so unusual, amazing. As I grew up I look back many times at how special he was. :))) Love, Gloria

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