Is It My Imagination?

Photo Taken by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… January 04, 2013 at  9:45 am… Friday

Answer me this:  Do you see a Dragonfly?


 Is It My Imagination?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I wonder what insect you see when you look at the photo

The photo I took of the root our Kissy brought to me

As I sat in my art room to write about Tommy?


I couldn’t believe my eyes as I bent closer to see

What in the world he brought, dropped on the floor

For me … at first, I was afraid it was a bug of some kind


My hand came back quickly before I touched it

I began to see a …… no, that can’t be!

It’s too much of a coincidence, I was just writing about a…


Dragonfly … when, one ‘drops out of heaven’ before me

Kissy was the messenger who brought it to me

Can you ‘see the dragonfly?’ or is that just my imagination?


How can I be writing about Tommy, a dragonfly, while inside

For a dragonfly to appear to me?

To appear in the form of a root…. shaped like a ………………


I can’t believe my eyes, yet… I believe

I know such happens, I’ve seen strange things in the past

As they happen, I know they’re true


I keep them to myself, I don’t tell you

This one time I did, because it happened while I was

Writing to you about Tommy, a dragonfly


It’s strange, it really happened

I felt you should know it did as I sat here

Writing to you, when Kissy brought that ‘dragonfly’ to me


I was wishing to see Tommy’s face, his eyes

Instead… from heaven, a dragonfly dropped down

In the form of a root that came from outside


Did this root come from heaven, or from the earth

I wonder if Kissy dug it up, sensing I needed to see Tommy

Or, did he catch it outside when it fell from heaven?


It doesn’t matter now, I ‘see’ the dragonfly

It’s message is clear, it’s too much of a coincidence

For it to happen as I wrote about Tommy, and a dragonfly


For one to appear to me in those moments

I wonder?  Can you see the dragonfly or is it

Wishful thinking, do you think I’m seeing one because I want to?


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