My Primary Blog:

I would like to invite you to look at the two top photos, one on either side of my primary blog….. do you see the ‘Bottle Of Light’?

I wasn’t satisfied until I put the second photo there… why?  It just seemed to cast soft, comforting light there.  When I go there, I feel this happy, soft feeling inside… comfort.

A friend of ours made the lamp/bottle of light for us, gave it to us Christmas.  I have treasured it ever since I plugged it in.  I just wanted to share something special with you… as my friends. It’s not a huge thing, but… it’s meaningful.

I, also, added more photos on my primary blog.  I can’t seem to make the controls work for me here on WordPress… I click on things I want to go to… nothing works.  It discourages me, I wanted to put photos here as well.  I hope you will save my link above to my primary blog, to visit there.  It’s where I put everything… first. 

Love, Gloria /Granny Gee :)))


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