I Have Fallen, Can’t Get Up…

Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee …




I Have Fallen, Can’t Get Up…


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates


I watched the birds flying around in a circle

The clouds in movement behind them

The limbs, branches on trees shake their leaves


I saw an airplane in the sky, white smoke behind

Flying to another country, passing me by

I would like to see another view, but… I can’t


I’m lying here on the floor

I’ve fallen… 

I can’t get up


My hands search around my body

Feeling for my cellphone

Where’s that damn thing, when I need it


My hands felt something hard, my cellphone!

I brought it to my face

I pressed my numbers in, getting an answer


Help me, I have fallen… I can’t get up

Come now, get me off this floor

This is what I heard…


The wind is going to be a big issue

This evening, there will be 45 mph gusts

Hold on, don’t fall down… because you might not can… get up!


Did the wind blow me down to the floor

I’m inside my house, how did it do that

I wish someone would help me, so… I can get up


I hear the wind blowing outside the window

I see the trees shaking their leaves

To entertain the birds, and bees


I have an idea, I slide my body to the screen door

I reach for the broom, put it near the latch

I push up on it, unlocking the door


I push the door open, slide out on the porch

Now, blow wind blow with your might

Here it comes,  it …. just blew me … up!  :)))





Why in the world did my fingers want to type the above!?  This is what came to me as I sat here to type!  I’m ….. laughing!  :)))  Granny Gee/ Gloria    …. 


I never know what I will write no more… than what I will draw ‘when that mood’ … comes over me.  Is it my ‘muse’…. I wonder?  What would I want to name …..him, or her?  I’ll think about this… now.


7 thoughts on “I Have Fallen, Can’t Get Up…

    • Yaz, I do have to ‘control’ somewhat the words the characters say in my story about Victoria Fairchild. I worry, Skip worries that it’ll ‘reflect on me, Granny Gee’… I told him I felt everyone ‘knows me’ by now… to know ‘I’m not like that, I don’t do bad things’… the characters I write about are ‘mean, ugly, do say ugly things’… I have met up with some of them… ‘good isn’t in them’….. :))) I have to trust everyone knows ‘I’m a good person’…… :)))

      • I see what Skip is worrying about, but people don’t generally read into things that much. They’ll see that its not you because of the way the story goes and they way her character unfolds. People sense the truth, so there’s no need to worry! Just let it flow and your real talent will just come into focus more and more. Its how it works for all of us.

    • :))) I don’t know ‘why’ I wrote that… it was dark, I was in Skip’s study opening up the blinds so, when it gets daylight… they will already be open. I love the light. Anyway, I was looking up at the sky… and I felt I needed to begin writing… I was laughing at myself. :)))

  1. Good job it was only a story hun! 🙂

    I have a horror of being disabled and not being able to summon help – especially after my neighbour collapsed with a stroke and was missing for two days… 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • Oh wow! I hope you have someone who will come looking to see if you are okay if they haven’t ‘seen a sign, or know you are definitely okay’, Prenin.

      My friend, Ms Nancy, will come looking to find out if we are okay, if she doesn’t hear from me over a day, especially the second morning. :)))

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