By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Kissy…   Kissy Fairchild…   Kissy Fairchild Bates…   Biggie…  Big Boy…    Big Head Rascal…    Bear…    Kissy-Kissy…


All the names above, belong to one special Pup.  He is all of those special names, plus more.


One more special name is ‘Stalker’…  you see, Kissy Fairchild knows how to stalk ‘good’.  It is so entertaining to watch him, to see him go into action.  His movements become fluid-like, smooth…… his eyes become ‘trance-like’, alert…


For instance, either Skip or myself, can ‘start him up’.  We can stop all of a sudden, look directly at Kissy.  He’ll instantly stop what he is doing, ‘freeze’… look directly back at us.


Skip can (or I can)… begin moving one foot, hand very slowly, move toward him…. and he will do the same!  So, instead of one stalker, there are two stalkers … stalking each other!


We laugh when we do this… because when we begin to ‘close in’ on Kissy… he’ll ‘come alive’, and jump in the air, running toward us to be hugged, loved.  It’s so much fun to watch.


Sometimes, we see him while standing at the window… we’ll see him begin to ‘stalk’ Chadwick.  We love to watch what happens next.


Chadwick will stop, look at Kissy… sit down like a ‘kangaroo’, wait for the right moment, jump at Kissy… they will ‘play fight’.  They have the best time.


Kangaroo Jack (Tommy loved that name), Sweet Chadwick, Soft Eyes, Wickster, Wick-Wick…


Those are the nicknames for Chadwick.  He’s the other special Pup.  He is one fast Pup… so, is Kissy.  They will chase each other in circles… that’s entertaining, also.


Stalking… is the most fun to us… because we can make it happen… anytime!  We like to … stalk!  :)))

2 thoughts on “Stalking…

  1. I would have liked to have had a dog as a pet, but we are not allowed pets in rented accommodation I’m afraid… 😦

    The pups sound great though! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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