To All My Blogging Friends….

I have just discovered that all my subscriptions to your blogs (emails) have been going to Spam in my Yahoo email program!  I’m so glad to find out what has happened, now… I will see what I need to do to remedy the problem!  Prenin, Noeleen, Viveka, Julie, Tersia, Terry, Colleen, all of you guys… it hurt me to not know what has been happening!!!  Love, Gloria  :)))  Granny Gee

9 thoughts on “To All My Blogging Friends….

    • Julie, I went to Spam….. clicked all the boxes of the emails that weren’t spam (all my Blogging friends, you!)….. then, at the top I clicked on ‘Not Spam’…. now, all of you are showing up in my Inbox… I’m so happy! :)))

    • Colleen, I found out how to get my emails back! I clicked on SPAM….. and saw hundreds, and hundreds of my favorite blogs I’d subscribed to! It hurt my feelings so much …. anyway, I clicked on each email with the blog posts on it (in all the little boxes)…. then, at the top… I clicked on ‘NOT SPAM’…. all of those emails were returned to my Inbox….. and since I did that… guess what? You are ‘all back where you belong!’ And not only that, I am happy! :))) Now! I’m so glad I have all of you back. Love, GG/:)))

      • Oh my GG/G!!! You will have SO much reading material! I’m glad you got that straightened out. I periodically check my “junk” mail just to make sure something I want doesn’t end up there. I learned that the hard way! 🙂

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