My Book is on sale now… at

My book is on sale as of right now on the link above.  In 5-7 business days, it’ll be on sale at, and also, at Amazon Europe!  I am so happy.  I just wanted to share this with you all!


When She's Good ... She's Good
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About the author:
Gloria Faye Brown Bates lives with her husband, Stafford (Skip) Bates in Louisburg, N.C.

They have two beautiful, spoiled Pups named Kissy Fairchild, and Sweet Chadwick Elsworth.

Skip and the Pups make up Gloria’s world. Her only child, her son… Tommy, died May 29, 2010. He had two blockages to his heart. No one knew.

Tommy died while doing what he wanted most to do… to play for the first time with his three year old son at Myrtle Beach. He made it in time, shortly after they arrived, he died.

As he, and his little son ran, squealed, laughed, played … Tommy walked into heaven with a smile on his face.

His body lay on the sand, the waves making a soft sound at his feet… sea gulls sang as they flew overhead…. ‘Come home, Tommy, come home’

This began a very dark journey for Gloria, she stayed in what she calls the ‘dark world of grief for two and a half years… Skip and the Pups rescued her from it… they never gave up on her.

She hopes her grandchildren will read her words one day, to know her, to know Pa Skip, and their father. To know they were always loved… through her online blog.

Gloria writes her pain in her blog, to cope with the grief that never leaves her heart.

She has little family left, many bad things have happened in her life… but, she smiles, goes on…knowing in time everything’s going to be all right.

She and Skip both, are cancer survivors. She has non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and is in remission. Skip had colon cancer.

Gloria enjoys writing, artwork, her Pups. She has quite an imagination, loves to people-watch, make up stories in her mind about them.

She believes in good things, sees the best in others… loves to hear of wonderful things happening to others. She’s a real person. She’s very private.

She is proud of going from office work to driving a big tractor-trailer with Skip. She drove for three years until she was diagnosed with cancer… she began a journey where she battled for her life.

Gloria always thought that Skip should be writing books. He never found time. She never thought that she would write a book… she always thought others should.

She and Lena, her systervan in Sweden wrote for twelve years… when she died, Gloria couldn’t stop writing.

Now, she has many followers on her blog, and Facebook… she treasures every one, hopes to have many more as she begins writing about Victoria Fairchild… this is Book One.

When She’s Good … She’s Good


Authored by Mrs Gloria Faye Brown Bates
Edition: 1

Victoria Fairchild believes in ‘an eye for an eye’…’a tooth for a tooth’. She’s good as good can be, and just as bad as she is good.

No one who abuses people, animals are safe from Victoria. White-hot anger edged with red fills her heart when she sees such… it’s as if the devil himself appears. Be afraid when she begins to smile… be very afraid.

Watch out, Victoria will get you…. be good, be very good.

Publication Date:
Feb 10 2013
148234338X / 9781482343380
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6″ x 9″
Black and White
Related Categories:
Fiction / Thrillers

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