My Book…

My Book…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee






I love this path… Victoria’s Path.  Only God knows where she is… do you have the nerve to walk up it?





For the past several days, I’ve been preoccupied with my book… WHEN SHE’S GOOD… SHE’S GOOD.


I’ve been doing things online for the first time, learning as I go… to publish my book.  Hopefully, if I did all ….. right… you’ll see it on in the next several days.  When I get the link, I will put it here for you all to see.


There will be a paperback version by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… and the Kindle digital version has my name as Gloria Faye Bates (I want to change that when I learn how to).


I will say this…. :))) I’ve always told you that I’m not perfect at all… so, if you see a mistake (I know of two that I can’t find!  The word ‘around’ that Ms Nancy found for me, and the word ‘enough’.


I am not going to stress out any more over them.  It’s time to go on… to begin Book Two, and try to be ‘more perfect’ this time.  :)))


Just know when you see it, read it… that ‘I know’ it isn’t perfect at all, no more than … I am perfect.  :)))  I won’t try to make you think I’m so wonderful, so great… or important.  I did try my best.


I’m happy that I’ve come this far… that means to me, that there is hope of getting a book published to ‘leave behind’ for my grandchildren to know their Pa Skip, and Granny Gee, one day.


I know I can do that now… only I hope by the time I decide to have my story told… I’ll have met a friend author, who will write it for me.  I would like my story told without all the emotion I would feel as I wrote it.  There are many layers of ‘me’…


I want Taban and McKenzie to know that I’ve never forgotten Tommy, their father, and when I ‘go’… the torch will be passed on to them.


They will be able to read, see, ‘know’ how much they were loved.  I’m sure they never hear our names.  They can have something to hold in their hands to ‘feel love’ from me, know I loved them always.


I don’t play the ‘blame game’… I don’t sit here, worrying about the ‘whys’ I don’t get to see them, know them.  I stopped that quite some time ago.  I don’t blame or hate the mothers… I know life has to go on… sometimes, there simply isn’t room enough to have a parent around from a former marriage.


  I’ll never forgot my son, Tommy.  Never.  He was a real person, just like you and I are.  If one of ‘us’ goes tomorrow…. the ones who really love you, me………. know we were very real to them.  They won’t forget us… on my part, there’s no one but, Skip, to remember ‘me’.


This evening I am very ‘headachy’ from all the reading I’ve done lately, all the things I tried to learn, to do right online to get my book into print.


I will have to say my favorite part was when the cover came together for me.  I can’t tell you how happy, excited that made me.  I love the ‘path’ that I call Victoria’s Path now… on the front cover.


Ms Nancy made it more exciting with her words about wondering if… Victoria was standing in wait somewhere in the trees.  I grinned when I  read her words.  Ms Nancy, Victoria is probably ‘there… somewhere!”  :)))


So, if you’ve sensed that I’ve been preoccupied these past several days, you sensed right.  Now.. you know ‘why’.  :)))


You are now looking at, seeing me… as I probably ‘ungracefully’ turn into a ‘butterfly’, ha!  I see me wobbling through the air now, trying to get my wings to fly… to fly smoothly into writing a second book about Victoria Fairchild.  This is what has had my attention lately… my book!  :)))


7 thoughts on “My Book…

  1. When I wrote my books I never thought I’d be worthy to be called a writer, or even to see them published as my dad had drilled into me that I was worthless from a very early age.

    If I did it then I can hope that you too will get the chance to be published.

    It’s a great feeling…:)

    Love and hugs!


    • Hey Prenin, it’s on sale now … on… soon to be on in 5-7 business days.

      I have to say… I sure don’t feel like I’m so ‘important, somebody’ for having got my book into print. I am still ‘me’…. because somehow… ‘I kept swimming until I did’…. going this way, that way… somehow, reaching my goal.

      I did learn a valuable lesson… I’ve begun book two: The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild…. I won’t be sharing the story online with any of my blogs, social media…. I will share ‘little bits here, there’.

      With When She’s Good… She’s Good…. I shared almost the whole ‘book’ on my blogs, Facebook, and all the social medias.

      Prenin, I’m happy you have published your books… you deserve that. No one is ever worthless, no one.

      Your words mean the world to me, thank you, Prenin. Love, Gloria/Granny Gee :)))

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