Granny Gee’s Birthday… Valentine’s Day 2013

Granny Gee’s Birthday… February 14, 2013

Written By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny

 Skip/ Pa Skip… holding birthday flowers to me from our friend, Mary, in Australia

(Skip’s eyes are so tired, he needs rest)

 Birthday card from my Sweet Husband, Skip… 

 Now……… if you will notice, there are several pieces of chocolate candy that’s been

bitten in half…. half is gone, half is still in the box.  :)))

 I love these special flowers from our friend in Australia… when I sat at the table tonight, the scent from them

was so beautiful.  I closed my eyes to enjoy it.  Aren’t they lovely?


I wish I had taken photos all through the day.  Today has been a most special, unusual, beautiful birthday.


We went shopping, went to one of our favorite restaurants… got to see Patty and Jim, the owners.  It’s been quite some time since we have seen them.  It was fun talking to them…. :)))


Skip and I went to the printer’s shop to get cards made up with links to my book, and to my blog, and my email.  Now, instead of writing out all to give to someone, or run to make a copy… I can just give a card.


Tomorrow, I’ll get my package ready to mail… with a copy of my book, and the necessary forms, and payment… for my copyright.


What a special dayHappy Birthday To Me, To Granny Gee!  :)))


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