It Was Like Something Magical In The Very Air…


It Was Like Something Magical In The Very Air…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I am thinking that magical things happen when many people think about one person … all at the same time.  That person may not even know ‘why’ all of a sudden their world ‘feels’ so bright, so wonderful … at certain times.  That’s how my birthday … yesterday was.


I felt such emotion ‘inside’ at times, because I haven’t felt such wonderful feelings inside for so long.  Not since Tommy died, not since my son died.  I wanted to cry at the same time as feel the special happiness I felt on ‘my day’.


Why?  I think because I never thought it possible to feel what I felt, ever again.  How nice it was to feel so happy… though, I know my eyes reflected the teardrops behind them.


Happiness, sadness all at the same time…. bittersweet.  Those teardrops are never far from falling….. like little shining diamonds… if only they could be put in a ring… name it ‘Grieving Mother’s Ring‘.   I would want a ‘Grieving Mother’s Ring’… I have earned it.  I have cried enough tears….


I sat, thought about this tonight, when I came here to my desk.  I was thinking that there is an invisible force that travels through the air when many people’s thoughts join together ….  go in the ‘same direction’.


That’s ‘why’ miracles happen when many prayers/thoughts come together for someone who needs them.  I always need them, welcome them.  I always say my quiet prayers for everyone in my mind… I’m not a ‘loud’ prayer.  I don’t want to be …noticed.


I think when that happens, it changes things around that ‘one person’.  In the air are invisible, special things happening all around them.   Maybe kind of like invisible angels moving all around creating happy feelings in everyone… so, that when they look at that one person… they feel the same.


This one person all the thoughts are centered on… begins to sense something special is happening all around them, begins smiling… feeling happy inside.  The next thing you know … strangers are talking, laughing with them.  People who might have ordinarily not spoke to that person… begin talking.  The invisible force is responsible… one reacts because they aren’t aware of it.


Good things begin to happen, that one person’s heart begins to fill with happiness… happiness that pushes the sadness, grief back like a dam… holding back a flood.  For a time, that person can get a rest from their grief, get a chance to see what happiness feels like again.


I know what I am talking about… though… I don’t know if I used the right words to describe it to you.  I had a strange, beautiful birthday yesterday… the best ever in my life…. just so unusual, so… special.  For a little while… I got a rest from my grief… though it was still there.


I really think it came from so many of ‘you’… who wished me ‘Happy Birthday‘… I didn’t know I had so many Birthday Wishes until late last night when I had opportunity to get on the computer for a short time.  So, while I didn’t know so many of you had sent me wishes… I think ‘your’ thoughts affected my birthday in the most special of ways.  Thank you, ‘all’…


I was so awed, my heart was touched…  I sat here trying to thank every last person who wished me a Happy Birthday.  If I let anyone out… please know that I never meant to… I thank you from my very heart.  I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.


I have never had so many birthday wishes in my whole life!  I was smiling so much… my eyes felt happiness, you could have seen if you had looked… there were tears in them.  I can’t even tell you what my heart was feeling…


I believe everywhere we went yesterday… people went out of their way to be so nice to us, to me.  I know that they do this all the time, but… yesterday was so different, ‘so many people’ did it.  It was like ‘something magical was in the very air’….  could it have been ‘all of you’?…………


I know now… it was all of those many, many thoughts all directed at me… that created such specialness.  I wish it would never-ever go away.


Special thoughts, special gifts, special moments in time … happened on this birthday of mine.


My thoughts are now directed toward all of you… you might feel some magic in the air… I wish good things to happen to ‘you’, all of my readers, followers, family.  I love you all.







Thank you for thinking of … me… I’m amazed.  I am so amazed.  :)))  It means the very world to me.  Special thanks to our friend, Mary, in Australia.  I love the beautiful flowers, everything.  Love, Granny Gee/Gloria Faye Brown Bates


Note:  If some of this sounds ‘crazy’… it’s because I’ve sat here tonight… writing while asleep!  :)))










6 thoughts on “It Was Like Something Magical In The Very Air…

  1. Many blessings are given to a mother who has lost a child. God was smiling on you saying” be happy my daughter your son is with me and he is at peace, wishing you love and happiness today your special day”
    I am so glad you felt pure happiness for a while. Wish I could.

    • I wish you could… I am so sorry. We walk the same road, only in different shoes… This day, my birthdday was so unusual… I did feel real happiness… it’s been so long. I know you understand.

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