This Was Very Strange, Indeed… I Wasn’t Going Home Without It






This Was Very Strange, Indeed… I Wasn’t Going Home Without It

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




My attention was drawn to the many big framed pictures on a long shelf in the store we were in.  There were stacks, and stacks of them side by side… all sitting upright… so, one could look through them.  Each picture had a glass window, making me be careful at how I pulled each toward me …to look at the one behind it.


I was wishing to find a big sunflower… something to match the little lamp in my bathroom.  It has a pretty ‘folk-artsy’ sunflower on the base of it.  It’s beautiful.  I briefly wished to find a nice dragonfly picture… Tommy loved dragonflies… the thought entered my mind, I wouldn’t find one there.


As I was gently pulling each glass-framed picture toward my chest, holding them as I looked at what was behind the next one… there was a loud noise!  I saw the next stack of glass-framed pictures begin to fall forward!  All that glass……


I didn’t know what to do, except to stretch out to that stack of pictures to hold them, keep them from falling down to the floor!


Gracious, you should have seen me … I was holding both stacks … with my arms stretched as far as I could, and my legs stretched out that far, too.  I know I looked ridiculous ‘spraddled out’ …like that!


I was hoping Skip would come by, help me.  I had to keep using my hands to work the pictures until I could hold them, so… I could free my hand from the stack I’d been looking at.


Thankfully, I had been looking at them making them line up neatly against my chest… soon, my hand was free to let go of them.  I breathed a sigh of relief, stepped over to get the other framed pictures ‘under control’.


No sooner than I stepped in front of the ‘fallen’ framed pictures, I stopped.  I just froze… I couldn’t believe what I was looking at… a huge, beautiful… dragonfly in the glass frame!!!  The colors were ‘perfect’!  I forgot about the weight pushing at me from all those frames… I was in disbelief.


I worked the frames until I could reach to the back, to get that picture… there was no way I was going home without it!


That dragonfly picture was at the very back… I would have never seen it, if all those frames hadn’t fell forward.  It had become special to me as soon as my eyes saw it!


Don’t you think Tommy could have somehow… touched that stack of glass-framed pictures to make them begin to fall forward… to reveal that dragonfly?  This is very strange, indeed……

19 thoughts on “This Was Very Strange, Indeed… I Wasn’t Going Home Without It

    • It’s just amazing, Prenin. I shared your story at Red’s with all my friends this morning, about your 2 books! It took me a long time to figure out that ‘you’ and ‘Ian Shaw’ are the same person! :))) Like ‘me’ and ‘Granny Gee’….:)))

  1. I don’t believe in coincidence either! This sort of thing has happened to me many times. It would certainly be a way of communicating. Dragonflies have meaning for me. Something fell to me, spinning, from out of the sky. It was the skeleton of a dragonfly. I did a drawing, using a magniftying glass. The engineering of their wings is amazing. They figure in folklore widely. I like they are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness in Japan. Maybe this is also the message for you? Who knows? Your picture is lovely! Ann

    • Wow, Ann! A skeleton of a dragonfly! I know you were so amazed! I think dragonflies are very special… since Tommy died… I’ve been seeing ‘strange, but… good-special things’ with dragonflies. I ‘know’ it’s to do with Tommy, I ‘know that’ as sure as I sit here writing to you. Too unusual… it must be a wonderful message and I’ll see it soon! :)))

  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    Just waded through over 171 emails!!! 🙂

    Happy day to you too my friend and all the best to Skip! 🙂

    Multitasking is something we all develop over time!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs to ya both!


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