Dragonfly… I think Tommy Revealed It To Me



Dragonfly… I Think Tommy Revealed It To Me

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I was standing there looking at glass-covered pictures in frames

When I heard a noise, saw the next stack of pictures over

Begin to fall forward toward the floor


I grabbed the frames before they toppled over

While holding on to the frames I was flipping through

The weight of both stacks had me spread out, uncomfortable


What to do was my question until… I froze at what I saw

On the back of the shelf where the pictures had fallen forward from

I couldn’t believe my eyes… the last picture that didn’t fall was a

Beautiful dragonfly!  The picture was all I could have wished for

I knew as soon as I could safely maneuver all, so pictures wouldn’t fall

I would be getting that dragonfly… I knew I couldn’t go home without it!


Now… that dragonfly hangs on my bathroom wall 

All is sage, and white… calm, and comforting

It feels like one enters a beautiful meadow when they go through the door


I love this dragonfly picture, it makes me happy

It seems very special, like it’s meant to be

I think Tommy revealed it …to me

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