Thank You, Ms Nancy… You Didn’t Care About My Mistakes

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Thank You, Ms Nancy… You Didn’t Care About My Mistakes

Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Skip and I decided to call Ms Nancy, arrange to meet her for breakfast this morning. 


Ms Nancy is my childhood friend, all through the years… she is always the same.  She never acts any differently no matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen her.  


She never forgets me no matter if I move away, come back years later.  It may not matter to other people… but, to me… it means the world.  She doesn’t do like people will sometimes, do…. speak one day… turn their back on you the next day.  


I ‘never forget’ people who do that to me… never.  That’s because it hurts… not only that… the pain never goes away.


Ms Nancy and I made a deal.  She ordered my first published book ‘When She’s Good… She’s Good… she wanted me to write in it for her.  I told her that I’d be glad to, in fact… I was honored to do it.


I told her that I had ordered three books… one for Skip, one for me… one to go into Tommy’s Chest.  She was talking about ordering two more books, one for her mother, one for her daughter.


We made a deal, Ms Nancy was going to give me my first book since hers had already come… to make it special.  I was going to give her the three books I had ordered, write in them to her, her mother, and her daughter.


The books came, and we arranged the swap.  We met at Hardee’s for breakfast, and she presented me with my own first published book, and I gave her the three books I’d just gotten.  One for her, one for Elaine (her mother whom I’ve known since being a little girl), and one for her daughter, JoAnn (she loves animals just like I do!).


I won’t tell you how old Ms Nancy is, but… like me… she had a birthday not too long ago.  Do you know …as we sat there talking I was thinking… for our age… I don’t think we look ‘old’.  I know my eyes look ‘tired’ all the time… but, we all ‘know why’… grief will do that to a mother… it never goes away.  It just never goes away…….


Ms Nancy looks ‘like Ms Nancy’… amazing.  I sat, looked at my childhood friend, thinking how good she looked.  I commented to her that it just seems people ‘our age’ don’t look the age they are ‘now’.  Amazing…..


Our breakfast was very enjoyable.  Skip, Ms Nancy and I sat, laughed and talked for some time.  When it was time to go, I hugged her goodbye.  I have to mention the beautiful pink jacket she had on… I really love that color… sort of a rose color, I think.  


Thank you for presenting to me … my own first published book.  Thank you for not caring… when I tried to point out a couple of mistakes in it… that was a special moment.  


You didn’t care… it meant a lot to me.  I can imagine some people ‘looking for them’.  :)))  A real friend doesn’t go looking for the other’s mistakes, they understand… move on.  You know I’m not perfect… and it doesn’t matter.


Thank you, Ms Nancy, for being there.  Love, Gloria

12 thoughts on “Thank You, Ms Nancy… You Didn’t Care About My Mistakes

    • :))))))))))))))) It touched my heart so much. I was trying to point out one mistake in the book, she went on like I wasn’t even talking……… I know you can imagine how special that felt, right?!!! It didn’t matter, she was happy because ‘I’ wrote it. Imagine that… :))) I’ve been so worried about being judged by my little mistakes… so far, no one has cared. I am so happy. Thank you…. your comment made my heart feel even more brighter! :)))

      • The only one beating you up over a few mistakes is you. Probably not even noticeable. We are that way aren’t we? Either we think to hard and worry too much … Or we don’t care …so happy you care!!!

      • :))) I think I want everyone to know that ‘I know’ I made mistakes… and to know that ‘I know’ I’m not perfect. Ha! I think you are right, though. :)))

  1. Sounds good! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment Gloria! 🙂

    I complained so they sorted it out.

    It’s not as fast as it should be, but it works! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


      • Yep: Another day another good deed! 🙂

        Doug is still alive, but he’s a mess so I reported it to the housing manager and she’s going to rustle up some help from Social Services.

        He’ll hate me for interfering, but he badly needs help before he does something even more stupid…

        Love and hugs!


  2. Hi Gloria! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    You are right of course: His drunken antics are dangerous to all of us, but if Social Services can provide an intervention then he can get better.

    The trouble is that he is blocking my efforts to help him.

    Today I was supposed to be helping him clean his flat, but he won’t answer the door.

    If his flat isn’t cleaned then they’ll throw him out, but he seems bound and determined to have it happen – I am truly at my wits end with him!!! 😦

    I agree about the window – the local kids made my life hell for over a decade until the Mallinsons moved on to drug dealing and addiction, so I am praying it was a one-off.

    We really do have some serious problems with some of our local families…

    Doug knows I’m a good friend despite him selling me to a local gangster family who sold me to investigative journalists again last year.

    It was all for nothing, but Darren Grayson (an old friend) was the last to be corrupted and sold his services as a messenger boy in return for being made a gangster so I am now short of decent friends apart from those in church!

    Ironic: I saved Darren’s ass and he stayed with me for three years because he was too scared to go home – now he thinks people with ‘respect’ him!

    To be a good person sometimes means having a short memory… 😦

    Love and squishy hugs!


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