I CRY FOR TOMMY… by Gloria Faye Brown Bates (my second published book)



By Gloria Faye Brown Bates

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates



Cover on my 2nd published book… I CRY FOR TOMMY

Publication Date:  March 01, 2013



By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I did it… I finally got my second book published.  ‘I CRY FOR ‘TOMMY’.  March 01, 2013 is this book’s publication date.


This is the timeframe showing when my book is available.  It’s available immediately on CreateSpace.com/4176734



1)  CreateSpace.com/4176734…   immediately available

2)  Amazon.com…   in 5-7 business days

3)  Amazon.com Europe…   in 5-7 business days



It has been very emotional for me, I have been on such a long journey… now, I think I may find peace of mind.  I have found ‘my way’ to never forget Tommy.


I will be able to rest my weary self, knowing Tommy will never be forgotten.  I will know now, one day my grandson and granddaughter will ‘get to know me’ by reading my words.  


They will never doubt their Granny Gee loved, thought about them.  I love, think of them… always.


It’s been a long, hard journey…  I feel like I’ve just emerged into the sunshine… as if I’ve been in a deep, dark tunnel.  What an emotional morning it’s been… I’m so very tired, and happy.  


I remembered all my Blogging Friends in my book.  You all mean the world to me.  Love, Gloria/Granny Gee  :)))











11 thoughts on “I CRY FOR TOMMY… by Gloria Faye Brown Bates (my second published book)

    • I feel so much better inside… just so tired, so weary. This is what I meant to do… now, everyone who reads my book will hold in their hands
      a very real part of ‘me’, this grieving mother… my grief, pain from the very depths of my soul in their hands… in the form of a book. I will
      be able to ‘hold my pain, grief’ in my hands when my book comes… I’ll hold it gladly… it represents to me… my need to keep Tommy’s memory
      alive. … now, maybe everyone will help me carry this load, and help me to remember Tommy. :)))

    • Prenin, I had to have two books published like you! :))) I’m being silly, joking. I’m proud of you. I am
      going to just focus on my blogs, and enjoy making Victoria do some very scary things now. I am so tired
      mentally…. I was pushing myself so hard to do this one book, now… it’s reality. I’m so thankful. Now…
      Tommy’s memory can stay alive… whenever someone’s eyes light on a page to read… sparking it back into
      existence from where it never dies… only waits for someone to notice. I keep feeling everyone will ‘help
      me now, to remember Tommy’.

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