UPDATE On Book Two: The Saga of Victoria Fairchild

Update on Book Two:  The Saga of Victoria Fairchild

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

‘Photo’ of Victoria Fairchild… by Gloria Faye Brown Bates… soon, there will be a ‘photo’ of Lind Lou Livingston, Victoria’s first cousin.

This a little update on ‘Book Two’ … The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild.

It seems Victoria’s first cousin, Lind Lou Livingston… has come into Victoria Fairchild’s life.

Now, Lind Lou is a character that shakes everything up… everywhere she goes.  Victoria doesn’t know everything about Lind Lou… only sometimes, when they were younger… Victoria knew ‘bad things happened’ when Lind Lou was around.

Lind Lou loves to paint, she is a wonderful artist.  Her pictures look ‘alive’…  Lind Lou uses lots of interesting things to paint with.  Her favorite color is … red.  She loves to use all shades of ‘red’.  Yes, Lind Lou’s pictures ‘almost move, speak to one’… almost as if to ‘cry out for help’.

Not only is Lind Lou an artist, she is a barber/beautician by trade.  She loves to ‘knick, cut’ by accident… someone’s ear, chin, neck. “Oh, I’m so sorry!”  Lind Lou will quickly say, while smiling her little evil grin… when she smiles, one needs to beware… but, how can they?  They ‘don’t know an evil grin from a … friendly, sweet grin’.

Nothing gets wasted when Lind Lou is around, not even the hair she cuts…

Lind Lou is tanned, beautiful, with her long black hair straight as a smooth ribbon.  She has brown eyes, and a smile that lights up the room she walks in … one senses something very mysterious about her… indeed it is.

Victoria is fair-skinned, beautiful, with her long, curly blonde hair. She is just as beautiful as her first cousin, Lind Lou.  One would remark when seeing them… ‘they are just as different as night and day, but… they are ‘tit for tat’ in their beauty.

If one had to choose which woman was most beautiful… they couldn’t.  When both walked into a room, the whole room is mesmerized by such ‘double beauty’.

They are first cousins, their mothers were sisters.  Their mothers had unusual talents… they inherited their talents, plus had more.

Victoria helps the homeless people she loves, she is protector of both people, animals.  Victoria will go to any length to protect, sometimes, as good as Victoria is … there are times Victoria has to be very… very bad.  She doesn’t choose to be… but, it happens.

Lind Lou, on the other hand, loves to see people suffer.  She loves to paint them ‘at their worst’, she loves the color ‘red’.  Lind Lou’s beauty hides the ‘real Lind Lou’.

She talks with a soft, beautiful, seductive voice … so easy to lure people in.  Think of a black widow spider… beautiful with a red spot, the black widow spider is as lethal, as it is beautiful.


Above is an ‘update’… filled with hints, clues of what’s happening in Victoria’s life.  It’s beginning to get …very interesting.  Victoria doesn’t know what to expect, in fact… she didn’t know she … had to expect anything!  She’s just glad to see her cousin, Lind Lou.

They haven’t seen each other for years, Victoria has surprises coming her way.  It’ll be interesting to see …

Follow my main character, Victoria Fairchild.  My published ‘Book One’ is a 62 page introductory to her.  Now, it’s time to … shake things up a bit.  If you thought Victoria’s life was interesting, mysterious…. ‘you aint seen nothing yet!’


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