Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston…

Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston…


Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston… Book Two:

The Saga Of Victoria Fairchild… (being written at present….:)))

This is Victoria Fairchild… and her first cousin, Lind Lou Livingston… who has just come into the story.

Lind Lou is spicing things up… life is just about to get very exciting around Victoria’s house.

Victoria Fairchild… Victoria loves the homeless people, and animals. Woe be unto the one she sees/hears mistreating, abusing either. Victoria believes in an eye for an eye… a nose for a nose. Victoria will go as far as she needs to … to protect the innocent, the helpless… sometimes, she’ll go as far as…

Lind Lou Livingston… Lind Lou is a barber/beautician. She loves to cut hair… she loves the color ‘red’. Sometimes, Lind Lou ‘accidently’ cuts, nicks an ear, chin… Lind Lou never waste anything, not even the hair she cuts…

Lind Lou is also, an artist. She loves to paint the unusual, she uses the unusual to paint with. Her paintings look ‘alive’… sometimes, when looking at one of her paintings, one almost expects it to ‘cry out for help’.

undefinedWhen Victoria Fairchild, and her cousin… Lind Lou Livingston, walk into a room… all eyes are on them. Both are as beautiful as the other, they are as different as night and day. Both can … charm the birds out of a tree.

Lind Lou is ‘dark’… she loves to paint evil, loves to paint pain, suffering. The music she loves to hear while she paints… is live ‘music’, the cries of someone who is helpless in front of her… who ‘poses’ for her paintings. Lind Lou is ‘dark’ as the night she loves to be out in, dark as the shadows she stands in… watching, waiting…

Victoria Fairchild is as good as good can be. She doesn’t like to hurt anyone unless… she catches them abusing a helpless person, animal. Especially if the one she catches … is a woman. Victoria doesn’t like women, especially big, blonde-headed women. She was abused as a child by … women. No, a woman doesn’t want to meet up with… Victoria Fairchild, if they are abusing a child, person… animal.

Victoria Fairchild is as good as can be… when she’s good, she’s good. When Victoria Fairchild is bad… she’s very, very … bad.


I just wanted to share my drawings of Victoria Fairchild, and Lind Lou Livingston…. Book Two: THE SAGA OF VICTORIA FAIRCHILD.

Looks like things are getting ready to happen… :)))


8 thoughts on “Victoria Fairchild and Lind Lou Livingston…

  1. Prenin, thank you. Are you going to keep on writing, and write another book? I know you have two books at present… as soon as I order my… ‘I CRY FOR TOMMY’ …books (they are so expensive!) for my special people… I’m going to order your two books. I wonder when I do, would you send me your autograph, and message to put in them? I would be glad to send you the postage before you send that. I would be so proud. Happy day, Prenin! Love, Gloria

    • Sure! 🙂

      Mail is expensive though from here to the USA and back – I’ll see what I can do as I’m on Incapacity Benefit at the moment! 😦

      Love and hugs always!


  2. Wow … love the drawings … have you done them ???? Happy and colorful *smile I can see how Victoria really comes from – you! Fantastic job with writing and drawing.
    You’re fantastically talent.

  3. Yes, the drawings are mine… I wanted to give an idea what Victoria and Lind Lou looks like.. it’s fun to have a visual! :))) You do ‘see’!!! :))) Thank you, Viveka! It’s so nice to hear from you.

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