I Wanted To Let Everyone Know… Chest Pain

I Wanted To Let Everyone Know… Chest Pain
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

For the past several days, I haven’t felt the best. I’ve had a lot of chest pain. So much, that when I sat at my computer, I haven’t felt like writing as much.

I’m feeling better now. At first, I wondered if the pain would have been a side effect of the Lexiscan Nuclear test I took several days ago… I understand now, that it isn’t. I don’t know what’s causing it.

I know that I live with pain everyday of my life… this pain is just a little ‘too much more’ for me to bear… it makes me cry sometimes. So, it makes it hard for me to concentrate, be still.

I’ll be writing a lot very soon. I wanted to let everyone know. Love, Gloria/aka Granny Gee


18 thoughts on “I Wanted To Let Everyone Know… Chest Pain

    • I just had a test on my heart several days ago… at first I wonder if it somehow caused the pain. It doesn’t. I think it was maybe grief, Prenin. My story today is what I was thinking, the more ‘I paid attention to myself’. Love, Gloria Thank you Prenin!

  1. my prayers are with you for them to find and relieve your pain quickly. Please get checked out by dr tho as any chest pain could be heart and symptoms are different for women than men. Please get to er or dr right away. God Bless and keep you!

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  3. Gloria, you go easy on yourself … go to the doctor and get it checked. Chest pain is serious stuff. A friend of mine ignored it .. and her son found her laying dead over the keyboard. I’m very serious .. get it checked up. We will be here when you return.

  4. too often women know that something is wrong and yet don’t do anything about it. chest pain is not repeat not to be fooled with! take it from a woman who learned that lesson the hardest way.

    • I won’t ignore it anymore. I just didn’t want to be sick, and I got in a state that it took my cousin to keep repeating to me, to get to the ER. It helped to spur me into action. I so hope you are doing okay. I have had you on my mind. Love, Gloria

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