I Wonder If Chest Pain Could Be Grief?

I Wonder If Chest Pain Could Be Grief?…


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I’m feeling much better this morning.  I hope that pain doesn’t come back.  I keep feeling sort of anxious… like ‘is it going to come back?’


I appreciate everyone letting me know they cared.  I had a Lexiscan Nuclear Stress test several days ago.  I thought maybe the pain in my chest could have been something that commonly happened after the test.


I called my cardiologist, and found out that it isn’t something that happens after the test.  So, I’m not sure if stress, or what… caused that pain.


One never knows ‘if it’s the real thing’… so, I monitored myself constantly.  I know that I couldn’t sit still long enough at my computer to write.  Finally, I laid down… and slept many hours… I feel better this morning.


Maybe, I was worrying much more than I realized … about the results from that test.  My son, Tommy, died with two heart blockages… he never had opportunity to get that test.  I was afraid I was going to have blockages, since I was older.  Tommy was only 40 years old.


I wonder if all of this had something to do with my chest pain?  I may have not realized it.  Tommy is always in the back of my mind, so… it’s very possible.


I have written my book about grieving for Tommy.  I think I may have thought that ‘magically’… I wouldn’t cry again, or feel sad again… ‘because it’s all in my book’.  Not true.


I’m finding that out.  I still feel that pain, I still want to cry.  My chest pain may stem from this.  I told Skip that I’m older… and my test showed that I don’t have a blockage…. yet, Tommy was only 40 years old… he died with two blockages.  I just don’t understand… it does make me cry.


The normal percentage was 50%-70% from the test…. mine was 58% heart function.  This is supposed to be good, I’m so glad.  I’ll take all I can get.  :)))  I’m so … thankful.  I could have ‘not’ been here to ‘have this’… so, you won’t hear me complain.


It’s my trade-off to live… one of the drugs in my chemotherapy treatments, damaged my heart.  Adriamycin… but, that’s okay with me… I’m here, I’m grateful.  One never understands any of this… unless you’ve been through similar.


Thank all you for your comments, caring.  It means the world to me.  So far… this morning, this moment… my chest doesn’t hurt.  I look forward to writing again… I can concentrate like this.  :)))  Love, Granny Gee/Gloria :)))  I wonder if my chest pain could be just pure grief?





15 thoughts on “I Wonder If Chest Pain Could Be Grief?

  1. My cardiologist recently told me that stress, duress and all such things case chest pain. So I had to really really think about if I was stressed because I don’t feel like I am. Newsflash Sheri-you’re stressed! Wasn’t taking my thoughts captive and so my mind stays up but my body goes down. Had to change my thinking and haven’t had an attack for awhile. Stay well in your mind my friend and so much more stays well in the body. Love ~ Sheri

  2. Keep the doctor informed.

    If it comes back again, get your ass to the surgery and get it checked out! 😦

    I had to ‘enjoy’ a heart episode without help because my doctor forbade me to go to the hospital without checking with him first! 😦

    Turned out to be Aspartame poisoning so, since I quit using anything with it in I’ve fully recovered.

    Amazing what affects us… 😦

    Love and squishy hugs!


  3. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better I too have ben suffering the chest pain but I had a lot of prayers going for me and now no chest pain. I believe that grief, stress and anxiety can cause us to have pain. This morning I pasted a sticky note on the lampshade next to my bed so it is the first thing I see when I open my eyes (after the dog ogf course) it says “today is a blessed day you are wake you are breathing there is no pain praise God” From now on this is my motto. Hope you find something to work for you.
    Our grief from losing our children will be a constant til wee join them in heaven there is not a day an hour or aminute I don’t think of my daughter and her being gone. prayers my friend

  4. Hi Gloria
    I’ve been out of the loop a bit with work and other stuff – I’m so sorry, I missed that you were not well.
    Wishing you all blessings and love. Hopefully it is only anxiety and grief that is making you feel like this – but even then it is scary and thoroughly unpleasant to go through. I hope it passes over soon so that you are able to settle and write – sometimes if we can focus and become absorbed in our writing it helps keep us on track.

    Wishing you well, with lots of ((hugs))

    Alex 🙂

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