Happy Day… Haircut, And Waxed Eyebrows… Beautiful!

Happy Day…  Haircut, And Waxed Eyebrows… Beautiful!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Skip and I had a fun day.  We ate breakfast out this morning on our way to several stores to shop.  We bought some clothes, I did… too!


The reason I said ‘I did, too’!  is because I normally neglect buying clothes for myself… to buy art supplies.  I love to buy colors… paints, markers, so forth.


Skip was happy seeing me get nice clothes instead, today.  :)))  I have to say I am glad I stayed away from A.C. Moore.  I have clothes to show for my shopping trip, today!  Now, instead of happy-colored paints, markers… in my closet are happy-colored blouses, slacks.  :)))


Skip stopped at the shop he gets his hair cut, which is conveniently beside the shop I go to …to get my eyebrows, so on… done.  Today was the day, I got my eyebrows done.


I laid on the ‘bed’ listening to soft music while the girl put hot wax on my eyebrows… and as the soft music played… I felt great pain as she placed strips on the hot wax… then abruptly pulled them off!  Wow!  Soft music, and great pain!


I was very happy with the results… she did my brows ‘just right’.  I’ve been admiring them all evening!  Oh… Skip looked mighty handsome when the lady finished with him.  We were made ‘beautiful’!  :)))


All in all… we had a happy day.  Any day with Skip is a happy day!  Oh… I sure love my eyebrows… they are ‘beautiful’!  :)))  Skip is ‘beautiful’, also!


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