Felt Like Someone Hit Me In The Stomach…

Our ‘Perfect Mixture’ Pup… Sweet Chadwick/aka Kangaroo Jack

  Felt Like Someone Hit Me In The Stomach…

  By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today we went to BoJangle’s to eat lunch.  We went out in the wind, cold rain… drove to BoJangle’s.  We were looking forward to sitting by the window to watch the rain… to feel cozy.

We went inside the restaurant, the aroma of fried chicken, biscuits smelled so good.  It was cozy inside, the atmosphere just right to have a nice lunch.

We ordered our chicken dinners, and BoJangle’s famous ice tea.  Skip ordered mashed potatoes, gravy with his chicken.  I ordered fries with my chicken… I love the seasoning that is on the fries.

We sat down at a booth, began eating when… my desire for fried chicken went completely away.  My stomach tightened up… I couldn’t eat anymore.

Skip asked me what was wrong.  I told him that just like yesterday when we went to a nice restaurant to eat… something else has just happened to make me feel I can’t eat.

At the restaurant yesterday, a woman had gotten sick in front of the salad bar… it felt like something hit me in the stomach… I felt sick.  The woman vomited over a large area.

I could go on a real diet if such things happened regularly…. then, I thought about someone was really sick to have done that, was probably so embarrassed.  I thought then, that ‘if it were me’… it would have been so awful to be so sick.

At this same restaurant, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and the sight that greeted me… was awful.  There was feces on the commode, on the floor all the way out the door that was opened to the stall.

Today, here at BoJangle’s, I told Skip to turn around, look outside.  There was a beautiful … ‘real’ chicken running around outside.  I couldn’t believe it.   Skip said he didn’t like to see the chicken running around… because we were sitting in there, ‘eating its friend’!

That was it, no more chicken for me.  A little girl close to where we sat, spotted the chicken.  She began yelling about the chicken being outside.

I never did see where that chicken went to.  While I sat there looking at it, I imagined a golden circle of protection around it, and said a prayer that it would be safe.

We couldn’t imagine where a chicken would come from.  I worried for its safety.  I wanted to catch it, protect it.  I didn’t because I couldn’t protect it.

When we left there, just a short ways down the street, we saw a lone dog standing in a tire shop parking lot.  Standing in the rain.  My heart went out to it… it looked well-fed, cared for… but, ‘why’ would someone let their dog run free where heavy traffic is?  We couldn’t bear for our Pups to run free, not be protected by their fenced-in yard.

I imagined a golden circle of protection around it, and like I always do… I said a little prayer for it to be safe.

When I see animals in dangerous situations such as the chicken at BoJangle’s parking lot… and the dog… I feel such pain inside.  Both were walking where cars were too close to them.  Both were as innocent as children, not knowing the dangers around them.

This is an example of how things around me… affect me.  I hurt inside because of things I see… I can’t do anything about.  It’s sad because I find in life, there are times I have to turn my head… bear my pain at things I can’t change.

I used to think I really could ‘save the whole world’… remember thinking that way when we were young, strong… there wasn’t anything we couldn’t do!  As time went by… life happened… I realized ‘the world is bigger than I am’.

In one way it was fun to see that beautiful chicken at BoJangle’s walking around… down deep inside… I was afraid for what would happen to it… the same with the precious dog.

In my mind, I imagined the golden circles around them, protecting them everywhere they went until they got to safety… until they got home where they belonged.

Silly?  That’s okay… I can be.  :)))  My heart hurts easily for innocent, helpless beings that I can’t protect.  These are my thoughts tonight…

I also, still feel that sensation like someone hit me in the stomach ….

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