I Would Let Vanity Fly Out The Window… Only Then



I Would Let Vanity Fly Out The Window… Only Then

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Wow! I’ve gotten all kinds of wonderful tips from your comments, and emails… to help care for my damaged hair. Thank-you very much for telling me. That means so much…

I know I’m not going to cut, or shave my head as several people suggested… :))) I’ve been ‘bald-headed’ twice in my life from the chemo drugs… I don’t want to ‘go that route’ again. Thank-you, anyway for your suggestions… I understand about ‘starting over’. I can’t bear to do that again.

I like the ideas of using Infusion 24, and olive oil treatments. Oh, and the mayonnaise. I can see where that would work… I may try that.

I think for now, I will continue to use the Nexxus products I purchased. Smells better, less messy… :)))

I will treat my hair so gently, and just ‘go day by day’. I know I had two comments about ‘hair is just hair, it’s no big thing’. I understand that when one has ‘never lost their hair to realize just how much it does mean’…. it does mean something to me.

I know as a woman just how devastating it can be… to lose a whole head of long, pretty, curly hair…. to lose a whole new growth of curls … one year later.

It is just hair, I know. It can grow back if it’s gone… I know that, too. I just can’t bear the idea of ‘letting go of it so easily unless I was ‘forced’ to, to save my life’. I would let vanity fly out the window… only then.



4 thoughts on “I Would Let Vanity Fly Out The Window… Only Then

  1. Sounds like a plan to me! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment hun! 🙂

    It is the bias people have towards the mentally ill: The assumption that if you tell them you’ve done something special that you have to be away with the fairies!!! 😦

    It was only when I produced a copy of my first book to show my God daughter and her family that they actually believed I was a published author!!! 😦

    When I chatted with one of my neighbours about it she cut me dead when I explained I was producing the manuscripts in order to get off benefits as I was a paranoid schizophrenic.

    Nothing I said after that was taken at face value… 😦

    The irony is that I really DID spend three years as chair of the Tenants and Residents Association as well as two years as a Director of the Rochdale Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations before resigning to look after my neighbour Darrell, who suffered a crippling stroke, until he could be moved closer to his family.

    Ironically I have had to cut off my current neighbour Doug because he is a parasite and gave me a hard time for saving his life after he set a fire in his flat and then went to bed, leaving it to burn.

    Ironically his flat is so damp because he picked a fight with his utility supplier and has no Gas (Preferring to spend the money on drink) that the fire was, fortunately, unable to spread.

    To say he didn’t thank me for it is an understatement… 😦

    Unfortunately when I told a neighbour about what happened HE decided I had to be lying because it wasn’t in the local paper… 😦

    If you are going to get new business cards, look for Vistaprint in America or a similar web based company and do it over the web.

    You’ll save money and have more choice! 🙂

    Vistaprint have a Belgian facility which is where I got mine from and I got a good deal as well as a free metal case for 10 cards at a time! 🙂

    Always remember to shop around!!! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


    • Thanks for the advice, Prenin. I will look at Vistaprints, see what they offer. I understand from the couple
      of experiences I had with ‘friends’ when they asked me what had I been doing since they saw me. You read about
      it… I feel for you, Prenin. I did carry my books around.. for a short time. I decided I don’t have to prove
      anything to anyone… the time will come when I feel it’s time to have a book signing, and such. So, even knowing
      I ‘could’ write a book… they thought because Tommy was gone… that I had went into another world… dreaming
      I wrote a book. They never got to see my ‘Tommy book’… all they saw was my little book that’s an introductory
      to Victoria Fairchild. :))) It didn’t look like anything to them, :))) That’s okay… I don’t mind. Like you,
      Prenin… we will have our day… it will be a good day. :))) Love, Gloria

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