Big, Soft… Fluffy, Perfumed Hair Blown By The Wind, Kissed By The Sunshine’s Warmth…

Photo of me with my happy, wonderful ‘big’ hair!  I was holding my beautiful Garraway, my red-headed Basset Hound

Big, Soft… Fluffy, Perfumed Hair Blown By The Wind, Kissed By The Sunshine’s Warmth

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today, I went to an upscale beauty salon, talked to the owner.  When I left, I had learned quite a bit about my hair… and about what ‘shouldn’t have been done to it.’

The bad perm I got on March 08th could have caused all my hair to break off, or even ‘fall out’…  I am so fortunate.

I learned that whatever chemicals was sprayed on my hair three times, and placing me under the hot hair dryer … should have never been done on my hair.  The beauty salon owner couldn’t understand what process would have made another beautician do that to my hair.

I told her that while under the hair dryer each time… the beautician was finishing up other women… and during the three times I was under the dryer after being ‘sprayed’… five women had their hair done… and they left.  Not only that… I got there at 10:00 am…. and it was 1:59 pm exactly when I walked out.

The owner told me that personally she wouldn’t put another perm in my hair for at least 6 months…. the ‘manager’ at the other salon was wanting to put another in … right away.

I could have lost my hair yet once again… due to having it done at a beauty shop… not chemotherapy drugs.  I treasure my hair… I won’t let it be abused again…

So, now… I will wait until Fall-time to get a perm by a reputable salon… and I asked the owner if she’d be the one to take care of my hair.  She said ‘yes’… and in two weeks, she will use special products to color it with two colors like I want.  Not only that… she understands ‘big hair‘… she’s a ‘big hair girl’…. I’m very happy about that!

She understands that the ‘bigger’, fluffier, shiny my hair is… the happier I am!  :)))  She loves big hair from the ‘eighties’… though her hair is short, stylish.  Maybe I should do my short, stylish… but, then… that isn’t ‘me’.

Let my hair be ‘big, soft, fluffy’… let me put the scent of my favorite perfume in it, fluff it with my fingers… the wind blow it gently, the sunshine kiss it with its soft warmth…. I’ll close my eyes and smile as I smell the beautiful fragrance wafting through the air, around my face.  This makes me smile, makes me happy….

I’m a ‘big hair girl’, too!

7 thoughts on “Big, Soft… Fluffy, Perfumed Hair Blown By The Wind, Kissed By The Sunshine’s Warmth…

  1. so glad you found someone who really cares about your hair. even in the army my hair was long and i had a lot of it. of course each time i have had treatment or been in kidney failure out it comes. now it is much thinner and so there is more natural curl. anyway i had been going to the same hairdresser for a couple of years so i trusted him. my hair was almost to my waist, i said i wanted a trim and he started cutting. to my horror he cut about 6 inches and when i told him to stop half my hair was one length and the other side another length. i can laugh now but at the time when he said “oh i guess i shouldn’t be doing this when i am on pain meds.” trying to be compassionate i suggested he close up shop for the day.

    now no one touches my hair that i don’t know personally and have seen their work! learned the hard way:)

    • Oh my…. see, that’s what I mean… they all always want to ‘cut your hair their way’. The owner of the beauty shop told me yesterday she understood… that a lot of hairdressers try to cut someone’s hair to the way they think it should be, or in ‘today’s trends’. I can see she will have compassion, empathy when she does my hair…. I look forward to going to her.

  2. I haven’t had my hair done in 20 plus years as Pat is no longer a beautician, but it has gotten so fine now it breaks when I brush it, so it is shoulder length… 🙂

    Glad you found a good hairdresser and I hope your hair gets better soon!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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