Everything Is Going To Be Alright… It Has To Be

The Dragonfly picture that ‘found’ me…



Everything Is Going To Be Alright… It Has To Be

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Is that a lump in her throat, a tear in her eye

Pressure builds in her chest, sad thoughts in her mind

The question ‘why?’ looms in her mind, she shakes her head

There’s no need to ask… no way possible for it to be answered


No way in ‘this world’… no one knows, don’t ask anyone

Anything… they are only human… some think they know

Don’t ever ask ‘why?’… You aren’t going to get an answer

Why do people die after living… why?


So much goes into living, why in the world does someone die

After investing so much in trying to live, love, be full of life

Why, after becoming loved by others who treasure them

With their very heart, who make them a part of their world?


So, why?  I am going to ask ‘why?’ just for a moment

Just for the h____ of it… because for the moment I feel anger

I’ll say ‘why? why? why? why? why?’ … all I want to

I will… ask ‘why?’  I’m mad, I don’t want my son to be gone


He is gone, damn it… yes, I said that again;  I said ‘damn’

Today, I said it a lot to myself… I don’t care what anyone thinks

My heart hurts, I don’t even care ‘what I think’…

Tommy’s gone, I miss him, my son is … dead


I am writing the pain … it travels from my heart to my fingertips

As they press each character to form a word

Pain… that makes tears in my eyes, makes it hard to breath

Through my nose… pressure in my chest… ‘why?’


I can answer the ‘why’ to that… because it damn well hurts

Grief is tearing at my heart tonight… it doesn’t hurt good

It hurts so bad… sh-hhhhhhh, don’t say anything at all to me

You don’t need to… this is going to happen… ‘why?’


Because my son is gone… I loved him very, very much

Because today … I thought of him a lot, missed him

Because… I’m not ever going to see him again…

Some things really are impossible… he can’t come back at all


Don’t ever say ‘nothing is impossible’

I’ve heard it all my life, I used to believe that

It’s impossible for Tommy to come back…

Though he can’t, and my heart hurts… everything is going to be alright… it has to be


8 thoughts on “Everything Is Going To Be Alright… It Has To Be

  1. Gloria I feel your pain. I don’t believe that everything will be all right ever again – my life without my child is empty and devoid of joy. I cry for you dear friend.

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