It’s Time For You…

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee as a little girl… a little girl who had gotten hold of scissors, and cut off her very long hair… not only that, cut off her little brother’s hair…


It’s Time For You…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


The little seashell lay on the white sand near the water’s edge

Waves flowed gently … almost touching the little seashell

Soon, it would wash out into the ocean to be lost until the next time

It washed back up on shore to lie there … again


One day a little girl was hunting for seashells

She ran here, there with her little yellow bucket, red shovel

What a pretty picture she made with her long, blonde hair

Blue and white shirt, blue shorts, white sandals


She saw a little seashell, thought it special enough to keep

It was added to her yellow bucket with three more seashells

Special enough for her to want to keep

To take home, place on her special shelf for treasures


She saw a clear glass bottle half buried in the sand

It had a cork in the opening… she saw a piece of paper inside

She pulled the bottle from the sand, popped the cork out

Tried to wiggle the paper out with her fingers to no avail


What could she use to pull the piece of paper out with

She saw a stick nearby, ran to pick it up

The bottle was lying on the sand where she laid it

She picked it up, put the stick into the bottle


She began manipulating the paper until it came to the top

Of the bottle… she pulled it out, opened it to read it

‘You have 3 wishes’… the note said… ‘use them wisely’

She sat down on the ground, laid back on a rise in the sand


As she lay there looking up into the blue, blue sky she watched

The big, fluffy white clouds shift, change shape

Her attention was distracted by the sea gulls flying above her

She listened to the music their voices made as they flew around


Three wishes… what to wish for, should she wish only for herself

Or make wishes to help others, make dreams come true

What to do, she looked inside her mind, searched around

For something to help make her decide what to wish for


There she saw an image of another little girl, who was poor, dirty

In her mind… without thinking, she wished for the little girl

Everything that would make her life wonderful, new home, clothes,

Shoes, new car for the girl’s family… she saw the little girl smile


Her mind drifted, searching for something else, she knew not what

Her thoughts turned to an elderly woman who attended her church

She always wondered about the pain in the woman’s eyes

What could be causing the woman to seem to always be hurting


She wished for the pain to go away, to see the woman’s eyes light up

Be happy for the rest of her life, to never be sad again

Let go, let go … let go of your pain, everything’s going to be alright

I wish for only good things to touch your life, the little girl thought


Only one wish to go, what in the world could the little girl wish for

She began to wish for never-ending wishes so, she could do miracles

In others’ lives for the rest of her life, she felt a special change

In herself… she became a miracle-worker through the years


Until one day, she… herself became very old, feeble

The thought came to her that she’d never wished anything for herself

She only wanted to help others, she never thought of her needs

Just this one time, she’d make a wish for herself


I wish, I wish I might… become a little girl again, start over

On the beach, looking for seashells… discover another wish bottle

Buried in the sand, so… that I might start over making dreams come true

The little girl got up from the sand, she was dressed in a blue, white shirt, blue shorts, white sandals


She began to run here, there… looking for seashells

Up ahead in the distance, she saw something sticking out of the sand

It was a clear bottle with a cork in the opening

She could see a piece of paper inside, she found a stick to pull it out


She read the piece of paper… ‘Little girl, you will have a wonderful life’…

Not only that, you’ll never know any pain, sorrow, grief

Because you just spent a whole life making miracles, dreams come true in others’ lives, never thinking of yourself

Go now, little girl, keep smiling because you will never have to shed a tear


Never have to shed a tear for the rest of your life

You’ll never know pain, sorrow or grief… you’ve been a good person

In your life before, usually ‘bad’ things happen to good people

In this one instance… only good things will happen to a good person.. run, embrace your happy life, little girl… it’s time for you



12 thoughts on “It’s Time For You…

      • Sure did!!! šŸ™‚

        Now all you need to do is get the book in the mail! šŸ™‚

        This is going to be the best traveled book in history!!! šŸ™‚

        It’ll also be the first book I’ve ever autographed!!! šŸ™‚

        Love and hugs!


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