The Many Faces Of Granny Gee… A Walk On The Wild Side… Many Photos!!!



By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee   (and “yes, I did do that!”)  Ha! Ha! Ha!




Well, I’m going to show you some secret faces of me, Granny Gee, Gloria Faye Brown Bates.  :)))


It’s not very often I let anyone ‘see the real me’…. Tommy and Skip knows the ‘real me’… I can be quite comical, amusing.  It’s just been such a long time when I’ve felt like having fun…


Skip swears that I can sit and entertain myself all day, if I want to.  He is fascinated by the things I do sometimes.  Tommy… well, Tommy and I had quite a lot in common… he was quite entertaining, also!


Skip… he can be so funny.  No one knows what he will say next… when he does say something, I can stand back and watch, hear the laughter, see expressions on everyone’s face.  When both he and Tommy were together… I’d just enjoy listening.  I knew Tommy was ‘gathering funny stuff from Skip’ to use later when he was back on the road.  He admired Skip, loved how ‘quick Skip was on his feet’.


What was so funny was… later in time, Tommy ‘would forget where he learned some funny stuff from’…. and ‘use it on Skip’.  Skip would stop, look at Tommy, begin laughing, and say:  “Tommy!  You’re using my own material on me!”  I loved seeing Tommy’s special grin as it dawned on him that… he was doing just that!  He would laugh so much… his cheeks would be alittle ‘red’… and I would begin laughing.  I loved those times!


I used to sit, play on the webcam… doing silly things unexpectedly… send them to Tommy on the road… he wouldn’t be expecting ‘his mama’ to do something so silly… and would get a big laugh.  Of course, he had to tell Skip… he and Skip were always ‘telling each other things on me’!


Now… if I feel I want to be silly… Tommy’s not here to appreciate it!  So… I guess I’m going to have to be ‘silly’ here… sometimes… now, I’m only like this …rarely.  So, think how ‘I could become a collector’s item’… you won’t see this very often!

Sometimes… there are ‘pages in my book’ that you won’t ever know about… so, ‘read, look along for a few minutes’… be entertained.  I like funny things, too!  I haven’t been funny in a long time!


Below… are some of the ‘Many Faces of Granny Gee’…… Look if you dare!  :)))
















Please everyone… ‘don’t be hating!’  I’m sorry (no, I’m not!)… I couldn’t help myself!  Life is like this sometimes… one never knows what will come up ‘right out of the blue’… Do you know what?  This was fun!  Yes!  I did that!  Love, Granny Gee (see, I told you I’m not perfect… and now, you know that I like to laugh, have fun… too!)




Thinking about what I just did… will make the rest of my day better…. embarassing, a red face, disbelief I showed ‘myself in such a light’… too bad, because…




Good girls want to have fun… too!  I just did!  That ole Granny Gee has still got it!  I hope I made you laugh… because I just had some good laughs that I needed so… I needed to ‘walk on the wild side for a few moments’… now… I feel good!  Silly?  Yes, but… so fun!


P.P.P.S…….Love me or hate me… I’m just Granny Gee

I just wanted to have some fun!I’m Granny Gee… I’m the one!  I’m not ‘the man’… I am the ‘wo- man’!


Forgive me Lord, at this moment ‘I know not what I do’

I’ve just had a bout of insanity!

I just did this without my own permission

Can I do this, and say

The devil made me do it?!!!


Ha! Ha! Ha!

:))) :))) :)))


The more I think about it… I might just delete this whole thing!



Nope… no can do!



Love, Granny Gee (not Gloria Faye Brown Bates… she didn’t have anything to do with this!)


14 thoughts on “The Many Faces Of Granny Gee… A Walk On The Wild Side… Many Photos!!!

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  4. Very funny, & clever – loved it!! Looks like you had an entertaining time!!!

    So…. which one is YOU!

    • :))) All ‘is me’… I’ve been all, and more, ha! Skip swears I know how to entertain myself like that… I used to do silly things and send to Tommy while he was traveling… silly videos, and such. He would laugh so much. He used to say he was going to show them all to Taban one day… :)))

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