She’s All I Got To Represent ‘Me’ In This Whole World Now…

She’s All I Got To Represent ‘Me’ In This Whole World Now…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee… the ‘Older Woman In The Mirror’….


I was thinking… as I looked at the photos of myself… there’s something missing in my …face.  It seems like I should have darker eyebrows, and a lot of make-up on.


I decided to ask all of you… what do you suggest?  I don’t want to wear a ‘whole lot’ of make-up… I don’t want to look like a happy-colored clown, though …I do like them!  :)))


I don’t want to look like the scary movie actress.. who was even more scarier with her makeup… I think it was a movie about a salesman going to this house… and the farmer’s daughter wanted a man….


I don’t know how to handle the ‘red eyes’ from the allergies I suffer so much with at present… today, was especially rough.  When outside, it’s hard to keep my eyes open … pollen, bright sunshine.  I love the sunshine!   I have been accused of ‘smoking something’… oh no!  I may look the part, but… I don’t, ha!  I don’t drink, smoke, nor do drugs… but, I do like good foods… and am prone to gaining weight.


Oh… can you see my big amethyst birthstone ring?  That’s the ring I ‘earned’ by going to truck driving school!!!  Skip got it for me, I was so happy!  I was so happy to drive a big rig, too!


I can’t tell you how happy I was to see ‘me’ yesterday… to see a twinkle in my eyes, and a smile that even I … recognized.  I can’t seem to get quite used to the ‘older woman’ in the mirror that I greet every morning when I get up.


Truthfully, the ‘older woman in the mirror’ who happens to be ‘me’… is a ‘miracle’… it’s a wonder she’s here at all.  So, I’m thankful for her… she’s all I got to ‘represent me’ in this whole world now.  :)))


6 thoughts on “She’s All I Got To Represent ‘Me’ In This Whole World Now…

  1. maybe the smile on your face was the missing part? you look beautiful and content. contentment and embracing who you are and that includes age is underrated! glad you are enjoying the moment:)

  2. You look good hun – nobody likes their reflection given the obsession with youthful good looks portrayed by the media and so-called fashion models! 🙂

    Love ya!


  3. I look at you and I see beauty, as for make up skip it unless you just feel better with it on when you go out in public. I haven’t worn make up in ten years (since I became disabled) and my skin is clearer and I believe less wrinkled (that could be due to the fat lol ). sounds to me as if you are coming out of your depression anf coping with your grief more. It will always be here but you are learning there is life after the death of a child. Proud of YOU!

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