Photos of  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I waited until today to take photos of my wonderful, beautiful hair! Don’t you think the color is beautiful?  


No, don’t think me vain… those of you who are just coming here for the first time.  I’m not vain at all… I am just so happy to ‘at last’ find a ‘good place’ with my hair… as for the past month it has caused me only… extra grief.


You can read back several posts and see what transpired to make me upset.  I won’t repeat it all again….. it would be like getting a stream to back up, begin all over again…. it’s ‘water under the bridge’….


Thank-you so much, Felicia… I am most happy with my hair.  What a beautiful job you did coloring it… what ‘perfect colors for me!  Happy colors… just like I love!  I hope you’ll read this… if not, you’ll know in a few weeks.  


NOW!  Someone can ‘see my face’… there’s color around it.  Don’t you all agree… that my hair looks so much nicer… and don’t forget the ‘bad perm’ put in it.  Felicia ‘deep-conditioned’ it, also.  


For my hair to have gone through the ‘bad experience’ just 4 weeks ago … how do you think it looks … ‘now’?



8 thoughts on “Now!

    • Prenin, I am so glad, also. I am doing my part at home… and what she did for the first time I went to her… made my whole life brighter now. That’s what I had hoped for on March 5th… when a bad perm was put in my hair. NOW… I am so happy with it… I can still have pretty hair while the ‘damage grows out’. Love, Gloria :)))

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