Face To Face, Movement For Movement… I Met My Stalker Once Again!

OUR PRECIOUS PUPS !!!Our precious two-year old Rottie.  Kissy Fairchild will protect his Mommy!






Face To Face, Movement For Movement… I Met My Stalker Once Again!                    By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



This evening I became aware of being stared at.  You know what I mean, all of a sudden, you know ‘you are being watched… watched closely’.

I looked around me, I turned around… yes, there he was big as day, he didn’t care if I saw him.  He looked me straight in the eye!  I decided I would look him straight back in his eyes… I did!  I wasn’t going to run… no, I was going to hold my ground, and… stalk him back.  Let him see how it felt… see, how close he’d come to me!  I had something for him!

We stood there in a ‘face-off’… stared for several minutes.  I couldn’t believe it… he made one stealthy move toward me… I felt my heart beat a little faster… I’m not going to be afraid, I am going to meet him head-on!  No matter what happens… I’m going to hold my ground.

I put a step forward… he blinked in surprise.  I know he was thinking ‘something’s not right here, she’s supposed to run!’  He tested me again, by putting another foot in my direction…

I stood there squinting my eyes at him… I looked him straight back into his deep, dark golden-brown eyes… I even saw the beauty of his eyes as I… took another step toward him!  This time, I felt my heart speed up another notch… am I really doing this?  Am I!!!?

He took several quick steps toward me!  I took several quick steps toward him… his little short tail began to wag so fast!  All of a sudden we both ran toward each other!  I hugged him, he snuggled into me!  I laughed, and squeezed him hard… he went between my legs pushing my long nightgown backwards, almost throwing me down onto the floor!

It was wonderful to be stalked, we do it all the time.  I’ve learned from our precious 2 year old Rottweiler, Kissy… how to stalk… I’ve become quite good at it.  Neither of us wants to do ‘serious stalking’… he’ll get happy, run to me quickly if ‘it gets too intense’, ha!

It’s fun to be stalked, and stalk like this.  Face to face, movement for movement… I met my stalker once again!

10 thoughts on “Face To Face, Movement For Movement… I Met My Stalker Once Again!

  1. Rotties are really smart with their own sense of humour! LoL!!! 🙂

    Mark had one called Zulu who was a ‘cart puller’ he was so big and he used to have a lot of fun playing tricks on us! 🙂

    Unfortunately he died of heart failure, but he was a lovely dog! 🙂

    Huge hugs!


  2. Teehee! I tried doing that with my cat once – not amused. I think she’s in it to stalk for real, and if I try to play stalk, she gets huffy and walks away. 😛

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