Revealing Oneself To Others Involuntarily…

 Revealing Oneself To Others Involuntarily…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Don’t you like to catch someone being ‘their real selves’?  For instance, a few minutes ago… an older woman on the late show (on tv) was asked if she’d ever texted a naked photo of herself…


She became still for a moment, began grinning ‘like all get-out’; her head began bobbing side to side… her eyes began to twinkle.  In the sweetest, softest voice she said, “Yes, I did! And I’ve never regretted a moment of doing it… and it was worth it’!


I watched as her head kept bobbing around, she was animated.  She was being herself… so natural.  She was laughing because… she said it ‘out loud, to everybody’.  It made me laugh, I loved it.  I felt it ‘daring’, that she admitted aloud doing it.  One could tell that she ‘felt like she’d done something when admitting it’.


I’m not going to ask you if you’ve ever done this… nor would I say I did such a thing.  I understand it is a popular thing to do… I feel it’s not a good idea.  That’s beside the point… not what this is about.


I was struck by the woman, how animated she became … when admitting she did it.  Truthfully, she didn’t look the type.  I enjoyed watching her eyes become large, she couldn’t help but, to laugh at herself… she actually ‘told the world’ what she’d done.  She began to giggle.  I’m sure she felt a rush of adrenaline when she kept adding to what she said… laughing helped.  I’m sure it was the fuel for her head bobbing so!


I compare her admission ‘to everyone’…. to jumping out of an airplane with a parachute… exciting, fun to tell everyone!  I’ve felt like that before… and was glad I said something… felt the adrenaline.  Haven’t you?  To admit something so …daring!  When no one expects you to!  :)))
I love when a person ‘becomes real’ for a few moments… and they laugh because they ‘know they’ve just been seen’…  I ‘recognize when I do it’… I know for a few moments I’ve ‘just revealed the real me’.  I find it endearing a lot of times when I get to see it happen…




2 thoughts on “Revealing Oneself To Others Involuntarily…

  1. I have learned to always be myself – I don’t hide anything, so there’s less chance of misunderstanding! 🙂

    My attitude really annoys people sometimes because there’s no dirt to dig, so they make up stuff!!! 😦

    And, yes, I too sent a nude photo of myself to a friend! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


    • I am laughing, Prenin. I’ve never done that, and I’m sure not going to condemn someone else for doing it…. I’m old enough in life… to know when we all do things… there’s a reason for it.

      I am like you in the respect… I’ll tell it first before, I let someone blackmail me.. I grew up in such bad stuff.. it doesn’t work on me now. Love, Gloria :)))

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