Finger Toes… Wearing Gloves For Shoes With Soles On Them

Silly doodles go with silly thoughts… a girl’s got to have fun sometimes… especially when they have an imagination such as mine… sometimes, the silly thoughts have to escape.  Where, better than here?




Finger Toes… Wearing Gloves For Shoes With Soles On Them

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




No, they aren’t pretty.  Each one is short, a little plump.  Looking at them, I see each one is a cute, funny shape.  My toes… my little, cute, most treasured toes.  They are all I’ve got… they mean the world to me.  They aren’t pretty, but… they work good!


I look at everyone’s toes… don’t you agree, that we all wish our toes were prettier.  I admit, I have seen pretty toes… I envied them.


I’ve seen toes as long as my own fingers!  I have short fingers, but… if they were toes… I’d be wearing gloves for shoes.  You might would say, “that’s just not right”!  I’d have to put soles on the bottom of each glove in order to walk in them.


I’m imagining them… you know, the colors you could have would be endless.  More colors than shoes have!  I can see so many colors in my mind; beautiful designs.


Each ‘finger toe’… could be done individually… I was thinking of something… what about a ‘high heel‘ glove?  Nah!  I can see those big, long toes flopping in the wind.  It wouldn’t work…. at all.  One might trip on their own finger toes.


I can see where having toes that long could make a positive difference in my life… at times.  For instance… while I’m drawing, or writing… and I’d like a sip from my glass of tea… my foot could just reach out, grab that glass up… put it to my thirsty lips, tilt it just so, I wouldn’t have to miss a beat drawing, writing as I satisfied my thirst.  I just don’t think I could scratch my back with them, though…..


Also… if I could knit, or crochet… I don’t know how…. I would be able to do that to relax, while I used my hands to work.  I’m thinking I might would need another head… it’d be hard to think with my finger toes… without a mind of their own.  With so much I could do with finger toes, I don’t know if this head up on my shoulders would be … enough.  Why?  Because I would have to think… twice enough.


Another head would make it possible to read, learn extra things to do with my finger toes… it wouldn’t even have to bother the head on my shoulders while I did what I normally do.


I might would need another head… but, I don’t want to go there.  Thinking about this is twisting my brain around… enough.  See what I mean…. one head is enough for the toes I’ve got… if they were finger toes, it’d be time for another head, brain to think past …this one brain.  That’s why I’m having a hard time trying to tell you about this… I have to imagine.


I was thinking having finger toes could give more strength, power to us.  All the things I could do while my hands were busy…  suppose someone tried to grab me, run away with me?  Why I could reach out with those long finger toes, grab something to hold onto… you get the picture.


If I were driving, and you drop something in the floor… I could pick it up quickly with my finger toes, hand it to you.


If you needed me to add something up… I’d have 20 digits, not just 10 fingers… I could add good!


Okay… okay…… I have a headache with this one head I have.  My imagination, you know.  This comes from imagining something really one would need two heads to think about….. because who has ever heard of ‘finger toes, and wearing gloves for shoes with soles on them’?

12 thoughts on “Finger Toes… Wearing Gloves For Shoes With Soles On Them

  1. When I was a kid I could pick up stuff with my feet and ‘hand them up’ to my hands! 🙂

    These days I lack the flexibility I used to have, but it IS an interesting thought given what Chimpanzees do!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. So funny thoughts … do you know there is shoe gloves .. for feet. Been on the market for a couple of years. So somebody had the same thoughts as you. Great post.

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