8 thoughts on “My Mama…

  1. Gloria, this post gives me a bit of pride, really, that I am someone’s mother – that I have that role in someone’s life. Only one someone, but someone’s.

    • Noeleen, I understand exactly what you mean. I was ‘someone’s mother’… now, he is gone. But… the beautiful thing is… that ‘I was’… Now… I… ‘remember that someone’.

      The beautiful thing was… ‘someone’ loved me, his mother. He may not be here now… strange, sometimes… I feel him smiling… in my mind I ‘see’ it as… sunshine.

      You are ‘someone’s’ mother, and it’s beautiful, special. I love that… the special love so much like the love I had for my son.

      I will always keep in the back of my mind a special prayer for you, ‘N. My prayer is that you always have your beautiful son, never know grief. Love, GG/G

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