Strangest Experience: “It’s Because You Are Possessed”…

Strangest Experience:       “It’s Because You Are Possessed”…


I have been having the strangest experience for the past several weeks.


I’ve went back over, and over to my photos… my ‘still’ photos only to find the same thing.  I called Skip to come look… just to see if it’s my imagination!


Some of them move!  I am going to put one of the photos on here that is moving… to see if it will move.  If it does… let me know!


The photo changes position just as if I’m changing position… my smile will stop smiling… then, smile again.  It repeats itself over and over…


So, this is a test… to ‘see if it’ll do it for you’… like it continuously does for me!  Let me know!




Photos Below:






Now… I have put 3 of the photos that keep moving… like I’m a ‘puppet’… ‘I move this

way, that way’.  If someone ‘knows why these still photos move while the others stay still’…. please tell me.


Skip said, “It’s because you are possessed”.  :)))

18 thoughts on “Strangest Experience: “It’s Because You Are Possessed”…

      • I’m seriously telling you I didn’t animate them, I don’t know how!!! I’m hoping someone will tell me what’s going on… for-real! Did you think I did it? I laugh, but… when I first discovered my photos were ‘moving’… I didn’t like it! Now…. I’m used to it… and nothing’s ‘hurt me’… so, I’m not afraid of them. Now… I’m curious! :)))

      • I don’t know how it happened, ‘why’ they began moving. I’m not suggesting something paranormal… I hoped someone would know; maybe have had the same experience.

      • Oh wow! Glad I am only on WordPress, then. LOL! Of course, I wouldn’t mind learning how to animate some of my photos…hmmm.

      • My friend, Prenin, said my camera has the ability to make ‘gifs’… link photos together to make animation! Now… someone is telling me ‘why’! :))) I’m going to keep this in mind, CJ!!! :)))

  1. It looks like your camera has the ability to make .gif’s.

    It takes a series of shots then links them together!

    I’ve never needed to make them that way, so I don’t know how, but at least I know why!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Now Prenin… finally… I have an answer! Thank-you so much for telling me ‘why’ my photos move!!! I will have to figure out how it happened… and shake up some more of my photos, ha! I should have known to come to ask you! :))) I’m so glad to know! Thank-you, my friend. I’ll tell Skip…. he’ll be relieved to know that…. I’m not ‘possessed’!!! Ha! :)))

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    • You won’t believe how many times I’ve sat, watched those photos trying to figure out what was going on. I’m so thankful it wasn’t Tommy’s photos that were moving…. I don’t know how I would have reacted.

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