The Third Time’s A Charm!

The Third Time’s A Charm!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I don’t know how to begin… we hired a guy to level out the pool area.  The soft sand was there…. and all one had to do was to pull the sand to make one side level… and cut down a couple inches on the other side… and use a level.  Simple as that…


He said he knew how to make the ground level… I can say this, once ‘finished’… it wasn’t.  He had convinced us he knew exactly how to do it.


We paid $40.00 more dollars … to still have an uneven pool space.  He was in a hurry to go… I felt he wanted to go, had other things he wanted to do.


I just handed him his money… he left.  I was disappointed.  Other than that… he is a nice fellow.  I won’t forget.  Twice, the guy came back in the next day or so… he never mentioned the pool… though I could see him look toward ‘his work’…


I tried my best to ‘bring up the sand’ to make it higher in the area one could see… needed extra sand.  I don’t have the muscle, nor brawn to do it.  Skip wasn’t here…. nor could he do that; he could have another stroke, or worse…


Now… this is what happened…


The water truck came for the second time… another $225.00 paid for water to go in the pool, plus the extra $40.00……..


In all… this is what all has cost to put a little 12 x 15 above the ground pool:


Pool:    $300.00

Sand:   $150.00

Water: $225.00

Guy:     $40.00

Water:  $225.00


Total:    $940.00


This is what a little cheap pool cost to get it set up once more with water… that might not stay.  We could have almost bought, paid for… a really nice pool to put above ground… like we would have rather had.


The water truck came for the second time… I could see the doubt in the guy’s eyes …. the pool didn’t look level at all.  He set up his hose to begin pumping water into the pool… he filled it half-full, and the unthinkable happened!


The pool collapsed, I ran… thinking I could simply pull the wall back up… the force of the water was too strong.  It nearly washed me off my feet.  I can’t describe the pain that went through the surgical areas on my body… it was just awful, just… awful.

I wanted to cry… we had paid someone who said they knew how to level a pool area… and this happened.  I’m still … I hate to say it… but, I can’t forget this… I do feel upset over it… but, I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.


I just don’t like to feel hard at anyone… now, this is the second person in a matter of days… a tattoo artist, and a … pool-leveling guy.  Now, I harbor ‘hard’ feelings toward two people… at least, for just ‘a little while’… until I can ‘get over it’… :)))


I asked the water guy if he had just a few minutes; I knew it was ‘going to kill me’…. but, I wanted to put more sand where it was needed.


Do you know, I think he saw how much I needed, wanted my pool… he watched me a few minutes… The next thing I knew… he was helping me… then, taking the rake from my hands… he put more sand where it was needed.


We both were perspiring … it was such hot work.  I’m not used to doing things like that… but, desperation will make one do things they might not should; especially when it means something to them.


You see… this pool is important to me.  I need it for my body… the terrible pain that I live with every day of my life.  I was going to add more pain… and did, as I took the rake and began pulling more sand to the ‘low’ area.  All the time, I was thinking … ‘I need this pool, and the warm water.. I need it’!


Finally, we decided that the pool was as level as we could make it.  I could hard stand up for the pain, and the combination of the pain, heat had weakened me.  I actually felt like I wanted to faint…


He began to pump water again… I’m happy to say that so far… the pool is full.  It might not be quite level… I don’t care, as long as it doesn’t collapse again.


I put the floats… hot pink, neon green… into the pool.  I put the happy-colored beach ball in, also.  Happy-colored ‘toys’ floated around on top of the sparkling, clean water… beautiful!

NOW… I’m ‘gun-shy’… I am finding myself sitting, looking at the water in my swimming pool.  I am afraid to get in… it ‘could’ collapse again!


I found myself waking up through the night …thinking about it.  I have come to the conclusion that… IF IT DOES…  I am going to have the pool taken up, put up or… given away.


Then… have the sand raked down even… to look nice… and enjoy walking on the sandy yard.


I’m just so sorry it cost so much… this is the ‘third’ time… and I’ve always heard… ‘the third time’s a charm’!


13 thoughts on “The Third Time’s A Charm!

  1. Let’s hope the third time IS the charm! 🙂

    The sand levelling guy wasn’t worth the money, but the water guy was!!! 🙂

    Amazing the difference in people… 😦

    Love and hugs always!!! 🙂


    • You are so right, Prenin! The sand guy comes to us sometimes.. to borrow money… we ‘give it to him’, so… he doesn’t have to worry about paying it back. I think… it’ll be a while before he ‘borrows’ again… :)))

      • Fantastic! Thank goodness for the water guy. Hopefully the water helped alleviate some of the stress leading up to this good pool moment.

      • :))) I was so happy to get into it… though… I still worried. Now… I’m worried about all the heavy rains we are getting now, most of the week. I have a little bucket….. :))))

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  3. Pardon my French, but ain’t THAT just the SHITS?! Did this guy have a contractor’s license? What can be done to make this right? He’d better start talking, and talking fast or you need to let him know you’ll turn his butt in to whatever authority handles rip-off artists!

    • No, this guy wanted to earn money… we’ve found out he wants to hurry, not do a good job… overcharge… after we’ve lent him money… when he asks for it… then, we tell him he doesn’t have to pay it
      back. Later I will write about something very sad I discovered this evening. Right now, I can’t… my heart hurts.

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